Google, Flip-Flopping on Branding kills what little trust people have for you.

Dear Google, stop doing u-turns on your branding for products, it’s confusing and gives a negative impression to customers and potential customers!

Hey, I know you are all for experimenting with your customers but stop changing product branding then changing it back.  You are confusing people, you are alienating people and people are sick to death of it.

If your executives were a customer for a company that changed its branding for a product as much as you have would you trust this?

I personal show a lack of trust for you as a company Google, you don’t have a clue about your customers.  You sold the Chromecast devices as a Chromecast then you chose to rename to Googlecast and now you are renaming it back to Chromecast, is it because sales have dwindled?

If it is because sales are slumping it is maybe because there are more devices on the market and those devices are better and many are cheaper priced and don’t require a phone to operate it.   Those rival devices are reliable.

When you launched the Chromecast I purchased three of them, it was when I went through my Android faze where I had been persuaded by a friend being all pro-Android after using Apple for a long time and you know what, it wasn’t a fun experience and I purchased a Nexus 5, I had to have a replacement not once, not twice, but three times, all in, four phones, because they dying yet you failed to acknowledge an issue that many people had complained about.  That aside, the Chromecast devices were all crap, they kept dropping off the network even though there was excellent data service in the house.

Yeah when I heard that others were having that problem and poor WiFi was being blamed I replaced the router for a better one and the problem persisted.  In fact the only way to get them to work was to fully reset them and start from scratch, hardly something you wanted to do on a daily basis and even then it was hit and miss.  I threw them in a drawer and they resided there until recently.

Yesterday I saw them as I was cleaning out the drawer and thought, hey I wonder if they even work, out of three units NONE worked, they were dead, they failed to connect to the network at all, even one that was a few feet away and I know the signal is good, the Apple TV showed 3 bars of WiFi signal.  I tried all three and they were all junk,  they’re in the electronics recycling box where all the electronics sit and wait for an electronics recycling event.   I know I could dump them in the trash furtively and they would be gone forever and not noticed.

So maybe it’s not the rebranding that is harming you as much as the awful quality of the shit you design.  I’ll never buy Google products and certainly after all the stories of the data-scraping that is taking place would never trust you at all or any of your operating systems.

I hear from those that have purchased the Pixel phones that after the initial excitement that people are falling out of love with the Pixel phone after such a short time, they feel it really isn’t the quality that a phone of that price should be and feels cheap and tacky with some $300-$400 Android phones being of better quality and as good or better specifications.

Even there you are desperate to attract customers, you are “changing features” on those phones thinking that is the cause when, as I have said, early buyers have quickly regretted their purchase.  Can we expect you to start calling the Pixel Phones Nexus to try and attract users?  I’m surprised you haven’t u-turned on that either.

Google you really are a mess, you are worse than a woman going through the change-of-life and you’re having these hot flushes and making decisions when you are under the influence of them.  STOP IT!