Is Donald’s Trump plan more about reigning in the more outspoken in politics?

Is it possible to that Trump has an agenda with his selections for cabinet etc.

Some people, the snowflakes of the world especially, are angry and irate at the choices that are being made by Donald Trump but it almost seems like an agenda.

I have never believed that Donald Trump is as bad as people want to portray him, in fact most of what he says is more like the drunk uncle or the crazy aunt at the party that blurts crap out and just rolls with it.

Every single choice he has made has drawn the ire of those sensitive little souls angry that Hillary Clinton lost the election.  To be quite honest he seems to have more of an agenda and it’s not so much about who he is picking but rather why he is picking these people.

Is his choice purely based on these people being extremist?  No.  It’s because the best way of dealing with those that are outspoken and extremist is to get them where they are permanently in the public eye and he can control them and rein them in.

At believe that much of what was said by Donald Trump was purely to get the conservative vote and many of the policies that he suggested he would implement were specifically to attract the vote.

He got far more of the Latino vote than anyone would care to admit,  I know many Liberal voting Latino’s that voted for Donald Trump and even in California the Win for Hillary Clinton was not sweeping and there was a huge chunk of those votes were Latino and it was the Latino’s that paid and did the immigration process in the correct way paying all the fee’s and becoming legal residents or Naturalized as Citizens and it offends them that illegal immigrants were being pandered to by Hillary’s campaign.

As for me, I chose to vote for neither, I felt I couldn’t vote for Donald Trump and I certainly could not vote of Hillary Clinton so, like many I choice to vote for neither, none of their policies moved me.

So when Donald Trump chooses someone for one position or another and everyone cries out I just say to myself, “It’s just another extremist that he is able to control and reign in”.  Whether I am correct or not is irrelevant.  I just know that regardless of the propaganda against him that he is not going to lock people up for disagreeing and is not going to roll back laws and much of what he said he would do was rhetoric just like Barack Obama’s rhetoric and promises that he never kept,  Guatamano Bay is not closed after 8 years, other promises were never kept and we can’t just blame Congress for everything that is just ignorant.