Dear ex-Prime Ministers…

We know that you feel that you would have managed the referendum far better than the encumbent at the time, David Cameron, did but…

… your time has long since past, John Major and Tony Blair, you don’t have a say in the running of Great Britain long after your party, under your leadership, failed to regain election and long after you quit.

Tony Blair, you of all people should focus on remembering that it was YOU that took us into a war looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction when the only WMD was YOU.

John Major, under you we gave ground to Europe, you were the start of the slide into control by an overseas, unelected, entity and Tony Blair accelerated this as have every single moron that has been elected since then.

You both keep waving those pom-poms and rah rah’ing like good little cheerleaders desperately trying to reverse the stand that the people of the United Kingdom DEMOCRATICALLY VOTED FOR.

Yes it was democratic, regardless of how much the tantrum’s of those failed remain campaign want to inside that there was all those that didn’t vote and it negates the whole process.   You see, if the vote were reverse then it would be these same people that would never mention this  and it is only because they failed to get the agreed, per the rules of the referendum, majority vote.

In fact if it is anyone’s fault it is the author of the referendum who decided it would merely be a majority electors rather than force a clear majority of 60% of voters or possibly 75% of voters and how about if you had said that voting was compulsory for all UK Citizens whether they are in the UK or residing abroad.

Instead the Government decided that ex-patriots would be denied a vote and it voting was not compulsory for such a major issue.

Now we get to the non-voters that the remain camp keep choking up like a cat and a fur-ball.

This point is choked up by the Remain campaign that it was unfair because in ‘real-terms’ a minority made a decision for the majority and as I have already said that this would not be an issue for the remain camp if they had won the vote by a tiny minuscule minority but they didn’t and they keep thinking that it justifies their position that the referendum was undemocratic.

It seems to be a long standing whine when people don’t get their way and I mean by that the losing party in any referendum or election.  We saw it with the EU referendum and we are seeing it with the Presidential Election in the United States.  The trouble is, a non-vote is not a vote against the losing side.

No, you can’t say it’s their fault,  a person that chooses not to vote is a person that does not give a damn or are sick of the lies from BOTH SIDES of the campaign argument.  These people made a ‘democratic’ choice in itself to NOT VOTE.   Don’t blame those that don’t want to vote or didn’t vote.

President Harry S. Truman had a sign on his desk that said “The Buck Stops Here”, and the blame lies fully with those that lead and campaigned when it comes to failure.  It is YOUR job to convince people that a vote for you is a true vote and YOU FAILED.

Let’s face it, as two people that were voted out of their jobs by the people, that makes all ex-prime ministers a failure.   Unless they died in Office they were voted out by the people and failed to get the approval of the people and it’s obvious that both of you are still sore from being butt-fucked by the voter and still blame them for your failure to still be leader of the party’s you led or failure to stay in office.  It was your decisions that led to this failure and your decisions that soured people’s opinions of you.

For once I side with the opinion of the Bureaucrats that run the EU who say that the Referendum cannot be redone and the Remain Campaign need to get over their butt-hurt and get on with the exit process.

Mr Major, Mr Blair, you are both mere specs in the rear-view mirror of british history and you need to accept that and mr Blair you should keep quiet and hope the world forgets about the terrible choices you made to further the agenda of your Neo-Con friends.