Why CBS TV Won’t feature on DirecTV’s online TV package

The Chinese whisper’s gang of Tech Journalism have all been busy passing round this little nugget of information and for once it is true.

CBS are not going to play good with providers over online streaming TV packages, this is purely, simple, and factual.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or even a Tech Journalist, though they are known for being the biggest simpleton’s on this planet, to come to this conclusion.

The price of a combined TV package is between $30-40 when streamed looking at existing packages.  At the price that DirecTV have been quoting they are giving a price that is, to put it bluntly, something that they don’t want to do.   It would mean they would get a tiny fraction compared to what they would get from their own online streaming app which is $5.99-9.99 ( the cheaper has advertising while the higher price is advertising free), these are mammoth prices compared to what they get from cable operators, even the cheaper plan from CBS outstrips what they could even dare hope for from DirecTV and if CBS could get a way with it they would opt to become a pay TV service on cable and deny access to all if they didn’t think that their view levels would plummet in return.

So don’t expect CBS to show on DirecTV’s offering when launches or any time soon and don’t expect it to show on any rivals and if they can get away with it expect it to vanish from current offerings.

Personally I’ll stick to streaming the select shows that I do watch via their website (until they block that) for free and use an Apple TV with a a Mac or Chromecast with Chrome Browser,  sadly their shows are not worth paying $5.99 and if they were to close off this streaming method I would happily live without their programming at all.

In fact most TV is not worth paying for and I my days of desiring TV service, streamed or over the air, has long since gone,  I probably watch a few TV shows and many times forget all about them and may never watch them.  Heck, I don’t even subscribe to Netflix either and tend to stick to Amazon Prime for some older shows that are worth watching when there is nothing else to do that is creative.