Aw Come On, the iPhone Rumors are like Shampoo!

Lather, Rinse, Repeat as Necessary…

Or in the case of iPhone Rumors, Start with Wild flights of fantasy, discard if people laugh and save for next year.

Yeah, the rumors that we are hearing about the next iPhone are the same rumors we heard last year.

Curved Glass, All glass case, wireless charging, no home button at all.

But wait, can’t we add some other outlandish rumors…

Sound will be replaced with a brain implant, no headphones. Display will be done in a similar way using the brain implant to create an Augmented Reality overlay in front of our eyes like a cyborg using hand movements in the air to operate it.

How is the implant powered,  it operates body electrical impulses and a honking great 3800MaH rechargeable cell that is inserted into your body using a special slot surgically added to the buttock area and is charged using the same charger as the Apple Watch uses.

The iPhone will have the same pricing but the surgery for the necessary implants can be costly and is not included.   This is just the start of the Apple implant scheme.

Thankfully only a fool would believe my made up of prediction, sadly there are a lot of fools out there and a lot of fools that still hang on every rumor and when the ones that they really desired don’t pan out or turn out to be typical bullshit they feel all disappointed!