Tech Was The Week That Was Dec 4th 16

A selection of tech news that mostly we didn’t give a crap about!

AT&T declares war on an open internet

Well according to The Verge they have,  all that AT&T really has done is openly do what has been happening behind our backs for decades and doing it within their own organization.

Does it give them an edge compared to rivals? If the person is subscribing to DirectV Now or whatever they want to call that service, yeah it launched a couple of days ago and the world shrugged their shoulders and moved on, then they gain an edge without it being included in tariff’s.

Realistically it does make it clear that a similar service that T-Mobile has been running with Binge-on is not any less of a threat, sure they are open to multiple services but if you are not one of those services listed then it’s a huge ‘fuck you’ to that service that is left out in the cold.

So T.C. Suttek of The Verge and the FCC if you are going to call out one company then you need to call out all companies but include the back door dealings that they all have with the likes of Netflix receiving payment from Netflix for prioritizing their traffic on the internet and to hell with rivals.

SD Cards to be rated for app performance

Another The Verge article, again this is one of those pointless stories that don’t mean shit to most of us.  We already have classes to indicate performance when reading and writing but now they want the SD Cards to show performance when running apps etc.  Does this imply that Android is going to start moving apps to the SD Cards again, it didn’t work well then and it doesn’t work well now.

For many purchasers it is the price not the performance and most people just store photo’s or music on them and most people don’t even add extra memory except for the ‘power users’ oh yeah the people that purchase a phone for $800 with just 16GB of working memory from the likes of Samsung etc and need to offload apps and data for it to be usable, the rest of us manage quite well purchasing devices with enough memory for everything.

TiVo Shares surge

Well according to CBNC they have but they will never reach their heyday when they were the King of DVR, now they are just another player in the DVR market looking for an edge and this agreement with Netflix just makes them another that is desperate to keep people using their product when they are really a one trick pony waiting in line at the glue factory.

British Parliament gives go ahead to porn blocking and possibly cock blocking too!

This came from The Register and is just another act of proof that the UK has ceased to be a free country and is now a police state.

After passing a law that makes it easy for the government to snoop at will on every person in the UK they have happily waved through censorship of what people can and cannot watch on the Internet.  I wonder which one of those pervert child molestors that work in Government are going to decide which sites are blocked and which are not under these new rules.

Google’s Chromecast Kills British Telecom’s routers

According to The Register reports are that Google’s Chromecast Audio device literally crashes British Telecom’s (and we presume it may be happening to other makers) routers.

The routers completely reset when teh device connects to them.

This is a perfect chance for people to realize that Chromecast is just another device that messes with your privacy and in this instance Chromecast tried to do something that causes routers to die.

This was just a few stories,  slim pickings and nobody really reads it so why bother.