The EU demands that Social Media & Search Giants help them Stick their Heads In the Sand…

The EU has issued a demand that the big players in Social Media and Search like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft all play to their rules and act swiftly.

Yes they want swift action over ‘hate speech’ and ‘unsavory’ or ‘unfavorable’ posts and stories concerning hate crime or acts of violence that appear to give an unfavorable light on immigrants.

What they really want is for the narrative to be changed to one that reflects what they want the people of Europe to hear.  They don’t want anyone to hear of hundreds of women being raped this new year by Muslim immigrants from Syria.  They don’t want the people of Europe to hear of the next terrorist attack by immigrants and they don’t want the people of Europe to find out that they may be the next victim of an attack by a group of terrorists that arrive in a country under the ‘guise of refugee.

This is blatantly like sticking your head in the sand because if you don’t see what’s going on you don’t know it is happening.  When your wife or daughter is raped this new year and it doesn’t appear in the news and nothing is heard about it then blame the EU bureaucrats who don’t want it being seen by the world like it was January 1st this year.   They don’t want Angela Merkel or any of the other regressive left leaders being embarassed by another year where hundreds of women are attacked, assaulted or raped by immigrants.

In fact this is instilling a totalitaritarian police state to the internet by the EU in the name of trying to avoid being seen as the hot bed of terrorism that it is quickly turning into.   Let Merkel and her cronies be like Nero while Rome burns.