What’s Up Youtube?

There’s something wrong with Youtube that just doesn’t make sense.  Are they trying to control what people watch? It seems so.

Being more middle of the road, neither strong liberal or strong conservative but totally between the two I like to watch video from all sides of the political spectrum and all opinions even from the far left and the far right.

I use both tablet based Youtube and the Apple TV Youtube App more predominantly than the online version of youtube and just a few weeks ago the ‘recommended’ was a pretty level mixture of political news opinions from both sides of the spectrum and other media that I may just like.  In fact that is how I choose the streams I subscribe to.

All of a sudden…

Yes, suddenly, literally overnight the recommended changed to the most inane crap I have ever seen suggested.

Rather than video’s from producers that I don’t subscribe to but may like and even included older video’s from those that I do subscribe to it switched to the following;

First it was Cheese making video’s, hundreds and hundreds of cheese making video’s.  Then Bread making video’s.

It didn’t stop there,  hundreds of pirated, YES PIRATED, copies of TV shows, some badly done using a Video Camera sitting in front of a TV set using a tape video camera and then transferred onto digital, they even showed the old CRT TV Set’s casing.   Others that they block out the channel’s identifier in the corner and overlaying their own name.  Shows such as “Seconds from disaster”, “Ultimate destructive Volcano’s and other disaster documentary TV shows from the likes of Discovery Channels, National Geographic, The Weather Channel etc,  the hypocrisy of Youtube to continue allowing these people to have these shows uploaded even when it is blatant that they are profiting from other people’s copyrighted material and are actually recommending these shows to people to watch.

Suddenly they started adding in, for no apparent reason, video’s of people exploring abandoned mines and progressed to seasoning of Iron cookware and renovating them.

Meanwhile totally absent were any “right-leaning” video production

I tried fixing this stream of inanity

I sat for hours going through on an iPad selecting “Not Interested” on all these video’s only for the same video’s to return minutes later into the feed,  I kept on going, and finally stopped them all showing up then happily the next day thought, “Oh good I’ll start seeing decent stuff in my recommended feed again”, only for the same drivel to return.

I tried a repeat of the performance and again they all returned.   They even included stuff that I had already watched with the red line at the bottom showing I had watched the whole awful show in a vain attempt to stop them showing.

In frustration I tried tweeting the idiots at Youtube and it went unanswered, I tried emailing them and the emails are ignored.

What do I assume from this

All I can assume from now is that Youtube are actively trying to control the feed and silence conservative viewpoints on Youtube by reducing growth of their channels by making them invisible to the casual viewers.

There has already been outcry of subscribers going missing,  I myself have given up resubscribing to channels when I am mysteriously unsubscribed, it had turned into an uphill battle, as fast as I resubscribed I would magically unsubscribe, in fact in several instances I would resubscribe, start watching a video and the subscribed indicator for the channel would unsubscribe midway through the video.

If it happened once then I would say that I made a mistake and failed to subscribe but it happened several times with several producers.  In fact even those that are neither extreme liberal or extreme conservative like “Philip Defranco” suffered the same fate, in fact that it happened after he made a video where he said a less than flattering statement for Liberals saying that it was wrong to permanently ban Milo Yianopoulos from Twitter.  Something that I also agree with that it’s as wrong.

Sadly I cannot trust Youtube to introduce me to more content that I trust or allow me to continue watching the content that I am subscribed to because it does neither.

I also don’t trust Youtube when Youtube will allow producers to eradicate another producer or somethat is making obvious and fair use of content from the likes of Leo Laporte or exgtremist regressive channels by allowing them to use DMCA as a tool to silence critics.    I can understand the use of DCMA in a fair manner but when they allow Leo Laporte’s TWiT.TV to place copyright strikes against people simply because they were critical of Leo Laporte or his shows and used a clip and furthermore others are doing the same.   This shows a blatant disregard for the DCMA sections that allow fair use while at the same time ignoring TRUE and BLATANT fraudulent abuse of DCMA where they recommend video’s that contain whole copies of a TV production & TV Channel that are pirates of originals by these companies and allow the people breaking the copyright law to continue profiting with Youtube promoting the stolen content!