WTF! Facebook! You did exactly what we thought you would

Yes, looks like Facebook has decided the best way of dealing with the false flag of Fake News by saying “It’s up to the users to spot fake news and flag it for us”.

Yes, they’ve decided that we, the users, that were so called “swayed” by fake news to be the ones that identify the fake news for them!

The reason they gave was that we are the ones that would notice it more while that goes exactly against the whole theme of people being confused about what is real of fake.

Doesn’t that sound as dumb as can be but we know the real reason, the true reason is that when they looked at the cost of removing the instigators of ‘fake news stories’ and misleading headlines off Facebook they would lose 90% of their total traffic and much of their advertising income into the bargain.

I for one will never trust Facebook, not that I ever have, they were always the instigators of Fake news and they are going to continue instigating that same fake news and blaming everyone else.

There is nothing worse than a sociopath like Mark Zuckerberg who doesn’t give a crap about users all he cares about is his personal agenda both online and in real life.

Expect Twitter to follow suit and Google and Microsoft will equally follow suit.

Let’s face it, it’s the misleading click bait fake news headlines that get them the most money for advertising dollars.