When your freedom of speech encroaches on others

There is much debate over how the internet has turned into a cesspool in the past year or two full of trolls and terrorist propaganda etc.   Demands for controls to stop such content from being allowed abound but at what point do we stop suppressing the voice of those we don’t agree with.

Many people get labeled “Troll” and the reason is simple, they have a point of a view that you don’t agree with.

I’ve seen so many point the finger and accuse a person of being a troll yet they are the ones attacking this person and accusing them of being a troll while all they were doing was stating their point.  In any other scenario this would be called debate but online it has become the accusation made by those that don’t want to hear a point of view that does not fit into their narrative or their accepted views.

In fact if we were to use the accepted terminology for what an internet troll is then we have to point the finger at the accuser and say “You’re the Troll” and sorry, it is not just the Conservatives that are “Trolls” it is the Liberals too.  In fact in many cases the liberals are far worse they will attack anyone that happens to have an opinion they don’t like and abuse them yet they’ll then point that finger and scream “I’ve been attacked by this Alt-Right Troll” even if the person happens to just be politically at a polar opposite or religious opposite.

Yes it seems that these two subjects are at the heart of almost all perceived Trolling but it doesn’t stop there and should we just stop all forms of online communication?  Should be banish all social media or censor every word that everyone says.

Is what you have to say any more vital, any more important, than that of another person?  Certainly for some they feel that they should have supreme right to open their mouths and  hurl abuse without repercussion and simultaneously feel that others should be denied their right to freedom of speech.  Take for example this not so fictitious person.  She writes for a website and stalks Twitter looking for targets that don’t agree with her political opinions,  she then attacks them.  She is an advocate of ‘free speech’ but it seems that for her that free speech is only for those that echo her sentiments and those that happen to have alternative views to her should be denied free speech and hounded off social media like Twitter.   This one woman has been at the heart of attempts to have people fired for daring to have differing views.

Now did Twitter treat this person in the same way that they did Milo Yiannopolous? Sadly no, she has been allowed to continue stalking and attacking others and cry foul during the attacks if they dare say anything that is in the slightest a personal attack on her.  Meanwhile Milo Yiannopolous was banished merely for making a statement about how someone looked, he never told people at any time to attack this person but was held accountable for the actions of others.  Funnily enough the target of his statement had made far worse statements previously and Twitter failed to take action against this twitter use for her hate filled tweets and pandered to her.

The same happens on all social media platforms there is a bias being used which does not give a fair balance when it comes to those that these platforms take action against.  Now we have all heard the same old excuse “They are Private Businesses and have the right to police the platform in the manner they choose” but by biasing the policing of their platform and allowing personal bias to be the basis for setting the bar when it comes to determining who has breached those terms of use.

Embrace freedom of speech

We should embrace freedom of speech and the speech of others, we should sit back and allow others their voice, even if we don’t subscribe to those same viewpoints we should allow those viewpoints to be voiced.

I believe that silencing words that we don’t want to hear is not any different from pushing our heads into the sand and pretending that all is well around us.  It is this same mentality that allows atrocities to happen again around the world.  After World War 2 we vowed that we would never allow those horrors of Death Camps to happen again, we would never allow max executions of our fellow man to take place (yes I said man and you feminists and SJW’s can grow up and shut up) just to silence others or eradicate those that one group finds offensive or abhorrent.  Sadly because we have chosen to close our eyes and pretend that it is not happening again we have allowed these atrocities to occur again time after time.

By not keeping the horrors fresh they occur time and again and each time when the world is alerted again to a repeat of them we end up horrified and yet it is we, man, that has allowed them to recur.

It is lack of freedom of speech or the silencing of voices that we find disagreeable that allows us to live in an echo chamber where we don’t see what we don’t want to see and it is this that gives that false sense of everything being okay when it is not.

The demands to silence ‘trolls’, to silence the ‘alt-right’, to silence ‘regressives’ is exactly what should never happen.  If we want to live in that bubble where everyone agrees and then be horrified when something terrible happens then go ahead and silence those that you don’t agree with but don’t demand that the social media platform eradicates them and removes their voice, you need to silence them by turning them off yourself,  I know it’s hard to sit and block thousands of people you don’t want to hear so that you are live in that secure little bubble but those that you demand are silenced for all equally have the right to their voice just as much as you have a right to your voice and you have no right to demand that they have their voice taken away.

I don’t agree with the opinions of the Alt-Right just as I don’t agree with the opinions of the Regressive Left but I don’t demand that either are silenced.

I don’t agree with animal rights groups on every subject and I don’t agree with gun rights lobby but I don’t want them to be silenced either.

Heck, I don’t even agree with that self absorbed shit Michael Moore who takes a stand on something just so that he can make a shit-eating documentary about it then moves on.  He’s a broken record of inanity but he has as much a right to his voice on social media as anyone else.

I’ve been targeted on social media with attempts to have me banished because I didn’t agree with the views of a person and they got a little angry and had their ‘followers’ mass report me.   They abused a system that should be there to protect the balance of voices on the internet and I strongly believe that if I had been conservative leaning I would have been kicked off Twitter simply because of a political leaning.

Social media companies need to focus on being the bastion of Freedom of Speech and not a tool of censorship and we as people to work to maintain the right of every person regardless of their views the same voice on the internet that we want for ourselves.