Why the Time Remaining Indicator on the MacBook Pro was a huge design mistake by Apple

Just a day or two ago Apple released an update that removes the indicator showing how much time remained before the battery expires on the MacBook Pro.  Why did they do it and why was it an error to include it in the first place.

This really as the biggest design error that Apple have made with the MacBook Pro, you see the information it supplies can only ever be an estimate at best and it guaranteed to fluctuate.

We can compare the time left indicator as being the same to ‘Miles to Empty’ indicator on a vehicles dashboard status area.   The estimate will change over the course of a journey depending on how hard the engine is working so when the engine labors up a hill the estimate will plummet and then once it is back on level ground on a downward gradient it will suddenly change and give a better value.

The trouble is that the value will always fluctuate wildly and may confuse you.

The time left indicator suffers from this same issue,  you may look at it when you switch on and it will say that there’s maybe two hours left then you start using it for a task that uses the hardware intensively such as edit then compile a video and as you start work you see that the estimate plummets and the time left suddenly becomes a fraction of the original estimate.

Now once it has finished the task or you cut the task short because you realize that you won’t get the task finished and the time left indicator suddenly jumps up again.

Apple was wrong to include this indication and they were right to remove it.  You should only ever use a battery level indicator showing the capacity of the battery either as an emblem or as a percentage and let the user make the decision on whether to charge their device or use it connected to the power while working.

The whining from, I suspect as usual, “Power Users” meaning mostly just moaning faced assholes AKA Journalists and self-proclaimed “Tech Pundits” like Leo Laporte and Andy Ihnakto both of whom actively find reasons to attack Apple on a consistent weekly basis, is unfounded and based on them taking something that is really a guide information as gospel.

These are the same idiots that complained about there not being enough innovation from apple, the same assholes that complained that they were putting USB C connectors onto the MacBook Pro and the same shitheads that complained about other changes that Apple has made and then days, weeks or months later just shut up when they realized that they liked the changes or that the changes were not as big a deal.

This is just another example of people looking for something to moan about for the sake of moaning.   If I complained as much as they do about Apple products I would stop using their products, all of them, and purchase Windows devices or Chromebooks or something. These products are more in line with their actual needs, bland boring spyware filled junk.