Was Eric Schmidt while at Apple a spy for Google?


In 2006 Eric Schmidt was elected to the board of Apple, now as a board member he very likely didn’t have direct access to the prototype iPhone but is it possible that he had enough access to be a mole for Google who he was directly linked to at the same time as their Chairman.

Was it possible?

It is highly likely that during the late developemenf of the iPhone the design was shown to the board.  After all entering a totally new market is something that they could possibly feel agrieved at not being informed.   They certainly would have known the design long before the actual launch, while Steve Jobs was secretive he would have felt comfortable with those on the board that he trusted and at the time Eric Schmidt was someone that Steve Jobs had grown to trust explicitly.  In fact this was why Google Search was for the longest time the default choice etc .

it seems too much of a coincidence that prior to the iPhone’s development the design of the Android phone was pretty much like a blackberry but suddenly before the launch of the iPhone the design of the operating system suddenly switched to be more touch centric.  The biggest link between Google and Apple was Eric Schmidt, is that too much of a coincidence.   Two years after the launch of the iPhone Eric Schmidt left the board of Apple citing conflict of interest.  By this time Steve Jobs was growing more and more distant and we can be sure that there was blatant mistrust aimed at Schmidt.

So did he spy?

while we can never be certain and can only assume that allegedly Eric Schmidt did pass on features and design influences of the iPhone and the iOS operating system to developers at  Google, whether deliberately or whether he just spoke with loose lips we can never know but we can be sure that Google did make changes to the way that Android functioned and it made an operating system that quickly became more feature rich than it was originally designed to be and rapidly exceeded the iPhone in OS features, of course if you didn’t have to make the mistakes that the original designer had to make to get where they were then you don’t have hurdles slowing down the development process and you can make faster progress and focus on different features.

Could we say that Eric Schmidt was on a par with Russian Spies Fuch’s and Hall?

While I would love to say yes, the difference between spying for Russia and passing on the secrets of the atomic bomb to Russia like Fuch’s and Hall both did we cannot compare that to giving away industrial design secrets to a company that you co-exist with but the parallels are there.

Fuch’s & Halls, spying was responsible for removing he development hurdles for atomic weaponry that the United States had struggled through and we could say that directly or indirectly Eric Schmidt was linked to the removal of design hurdles that Google had with the Android OS.

We can be sure that Steve Jobs had his suspicions but equally so we can be sure that he also couldn’t prove it which resulted in his targeting of Samsung which has been ongoing for years and several years after the death of Steve Jobs, after all they not only used Android for a device but they chose to make their early Android devices remarkably like the Apple iPhones of the same time and chose to use the words “go thermonuclear on them”.  The fact that they avoided going after Android for features that were part of Android that could not be blamed on the phone manufacturers seemed strange at the time for many and could  be that while he had been betrayed by Schmidt it was Samsung that was implementing and using the OS and was deliberately trying to use the look and feel of the iPhone to boost their sales.

There is really only one person that could tell us if he passed on features of the iPhone’s OS to Google and Schmidt has been known to be allegedly less than generous with the truth,  The other person would be a person that is no longer here to comment and Dead Men Don’t Tell Tales.