No the word foreign today is not what the word foreign meant in the top the Electoral College

Some people need an education

I don’t mean that as an insult but there are some people that really have misunderstood the meaning  of the reference to ‘foreign interference’ in the application of the Electoral College as defined by several of the great statemen that oversaw the creation of the nation of the United States of America.


this term was not just a term used to refer to someone from another country but a person from another state, for example if you are from New Jersey, you are foreign to New York, you are not a citizen of that state and thus a foreigner.

the point of the term that many have been throwing up about a foreign interference was written about the ability of one state to remove the ability of another state to take part in the election of a president, by that I mean exactly what would happen with a popular vote, it would make the voice of smaller states totally silenced by two or three larger states, in this case effectively the states of California and New York could, with their populations, drown out the votes of almost every state.

The USA is a republic

For some reason people forget that the United States of America is a republic, we are a congruence of 50 states, some dependent territories and the District of Columbia. These states operate independently within the United States as if they are separate countries, which is why each country has it’s own state Capital’s and equivalent of House of Representatives and Senate.  The reason a governor is elected on popular vote is because there is no ability for ‘foreign’ intervention because the Gubernatorial election is secular to that state, similarly this is also why Federal election for Senators and Congress Representatives use the popular vote because these cannot be interfered with by the votes of those who are not citizens of the state they represent I.e. There is no foreign intervention possible with their vote and thus can be done using popular vote.

Even when the word foreign was taken as a literal statement referring to neighboring countries or dare we say it, the British Empire, interfering the electoral college meant that the foreign government would have to get a massive concentration of voters in every state to sway the vote but the term really is directed at ‘interstate interference’ because those states remain foreign to each other when it comes to government.

So to the idiots that keep going on about foreign interference to justify their narratives it is a straw man argument in fact it’s not just straw man it is clutching at straws to justify their need to blame someone, anyone for the failure of their chosen candidate to win the Presidential Election.

In fact if we were to proportionally represent the electoral college votes based on the states, their allocation and voting in each state Donald Trump would have still won, albeit by a smaller margin but would still have won with about 2.7% more college votes.  I wrote a piece weeks ago about this just after the election

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