Yes, Apple are making a transition towards Arm Based Mac’s

I’ve written about this before, a long time ago, it is only now that tech news is slowly coming to this realization like lumbering idiots that they are.

macOS is becoming legacy software – The Verge

While they are still fluttering thinking that it is the end of he Mac lineup they don’t grasp that the reason that the development departments hAve been  medged is the same reason that that TMSC is focusing on 5nm chip fabrication for Apple devices.

As I pointed out back in Is the Apple Macbook an indicator to Apple’s future Macbook range design? Months ago that the x86 chipset has reached peak advancement, after all it is a design really saw it’s peak several years ago.  Let’s face it, how many devices running older x86 chips are still being used today.

one of the examples they use is the switch and focus to iOS and how Apple dumbed down Final Cut Pro and other apps have have slowly added back in features as they add the. To the mobile versions of the Apple App’s.

In fact for basic video editing iMovie on the iPhone or iPad does perfectly fine and we see many youtube creators publishing video’s for youtube using the mobile apps rather than use their Mac to do the same task.

I’ve played around with iMovie on the iPad and iPhone and both do a decent job, sure they are limited, while I ciould quite happily use an iPad to do many of the spreadsheet and word processing tasks that I previously would only use the Mac for and the apps do just as well and these days they interoperable perfectly well with the macOS versions.

I still stick strongly to my belief that the Mac range are not dying but will continue as a system that operates using the Apple A series chipset or a new chipset series that is higher powered with multiple cores and more efficient power management than the x86 chips can manage.   If we compare the performance of the Apple A series processor set to the Intel Atom processor which is its equivalent we can see that even the last generation A9X Arm processor put performs it, now if we had a chip that had multiple cores rather than just being dual core it could comfortable meet the performance of higher powered Laptop x86 chips that Intel are manufacturing today.

In fact if they get performance high enough it could comfortable emulate the x86 chips and get fair performance while developers work towards compiling ARM based versions of their applications that work natively on the Mac’s.

I don’t think that 2017’s years Mac and iMac devices will drop the x86 but I certainly feel that the 2018 and 2019 will see a slow shift towards total ARM based processor usage by Apple.