When it is important to offer up citations or evidence of fact

Recently during a tweet I upset someone that I actually have much respect for Jason Calicanis because I was not as clear with my statement about citation being needed and he took offense.  This is to clear up why and when it is important to use cite references to substantiate you claim.

At the time of the tweet Jason Calicanis thought that I was derogatory against his tweet with suggested that the ‘start up suggestion’ was as good as the suggestor had thought.  In fact it was the quoted tweet which claimed it was and that he was wrong and then left the evidentiary information as being an 😉 which is to all intents like saying “I know better but as to why should be a secret”.

My late father in law strongly believed in that term “lying by omission” and way before I sat while he died and then washed and and dressed him and came to grasp how good that term was.

You see, to claim that someone is wrong or someone is inaccurate you need to back up that claim and the person quoted was not offering any evidence.

i will not post her tweet, that would be wrong and would be mocking her and sometimes even the worst of trolls draws the line, but will say that her justification for her statement was that she was part of a company and that she had researched the subject and that was good enough for her.

The trouble with that statement is that it doesn’t go any further to substantiating her claim that the ‘startup’ will be viable than the winking smug emoji did.  What it did tell me though, since Trolls read people through their tweets or writing and sometimes what they don’t say or rather what they do say by omission is that she is part of a startup or planned start up that desires to start up on the very subject that Mr Calicanis has effectively poo-pooed and it was something that they didn’t want to hear, in fact I suspect that the person that original post the tweet that received the negative review is another member of the same start up and was fishing with the tweet.

Now if the lady that refuted Mr C’s had chosen to give evidence to back up her claim rather than being evasive it would have gone a long way to make her more credible whereas she should have offered to supply direct justification to her claim and change Mr C’s mind on the subject.

This is the very same issue that has cause many to question video’s SJW’s is their quoting of figures that have been either manufactured or misquoted without giving a source where the questioner has found these ‘facts’ to be ‘fictional’ or grossly misrepresented simply to meet their required narrative.  The questioners of the information presented citations and evidential information that backup up the questioning of the  validity of the information by giving the correct information an citing the sources for that information.

So when you question someone’s statement and claim them to be wrong you should always offer up a citation that backs up their claim.

As I tweeted, I could happily offer up a road plan, based on my record of getting pretty darn close over the years to Apple’s road map for products (Yeah, I’ve normally just tweeted it and only documented on here for a few months)  I say I researched but I didn’t and therefore I can never cite someone, heck I wouldn’t dare claim that it came from an inside Source.  In fact I make a guest based on what has been said and what has not been said and of course what I think is happening and can get pretty darn spot on.

Since I did make that claim about the 2020 roadmap for the Mac range, I will say that I stick firmly to the dropping of the x86 chipset, my first post Way way way way way back down below describes it.

i’ll be pushing daisy’s 2019 so but I forecast that mid-2019 first week of June or 3rd Week, Tuesday of course, will announce new MacBook & iMac range running solely on the ARM processor chipset.

Rene Ritchie is wrong, the Mac’s will continue to run a non-touch version of macOS and the far faster 6 or 8 core A15M chip set (your guess to naming is as good as mine) will emulate x86 macOS when there is no ARM native version of the app available, sure it will run like a 2012 MacBook using that emulation but will run while native app’s will be far faster and far more efficient.

No there will not be merging of the OS’s it’s just that the architecture is going to be ARM orientated and that is why the development teams were merged with an emphasis on the ARM based OS, after all that is the focus of converting over from an x86 environment to an ARM environment is to get every developer used to creating an OS or updating an OS that is ARM/RISC chipset based to create a more compact and efficient macOS.

Now off to read into some suckers tweet and mock them, only joking Mr C.