An Obamacare Story, How Obama Lost a Democrat Voter

This Sunday a friend related a story to me about how he became a Republican Voter and all due to Barack Obama.

I won’t use any names, he doesn’t want to be named because it involves a disabled family member, I’ll call him Stan.

“If you like your plan you can keep your plan”

Stan is a great guy, I always thought he was a democrat voter, I told him that I didn’t want to upset him but I thought Obama was a asshole that I was glad that Obamacare was being repealed that it was “Significantly Not As Described” and had been misrepresented by Barack Obama and the Democratic party until they got it passed and was done in an overtly partisan manner without working together with both sides of the political spectrum to make it something everyone would want to use.

It was after this that he said, “It was Obamacare and that bastard that turned me into a republican voter”, he went on to explain why.

Stan’s sister is disabled, not enough that she qualifies for disability but enough where she can only do a part time job that covers most of her living costs and everyone else in the family helps out to cover other costs.  She could pay her house rent and healthcare and she had a plan that worked.  It had low co-pay and deductible which worked for her because her disability required regular visits to clinics and doctors.

She thought that since Obama had told her that she would be able to keep her plan she never gave it a second thought. After all he did say “If you like your plan you can keep your plan”, he never gave it a second thought until the Affordable Care Act came into force and suddenly, within days she received a letter telling her that her plan was no longer allowed under the Act that it didn’t meet the requirements and was offered a plan that was four times the price of her original plan, huge deductible and massive co-pay’s that she just could not afford.

He felt that she had been betrayed, her income was low enough where she was placed on Medi-Cal (Medicaid)  but not only that she was told that she would not be allowed to sell on eBay. Stan would pick up items when he saw them at estate or yard sales in Los Angeles and let her sell them for him, though it was to keep her busy and give her a little extra cash so that she didn’t feel like she was dependent on everyone in the family.  The reasoning they gave was the gross income from eBay would take her over the minimum and she wouldn’t be allowed to be on Medi-Cal and would have to pay more than her total income including eBay just for healthcare over the month including the cost of the co-pay’s and the insurance premium.

Stan said that his sister’s health has gone downhill thanks to Obamacare, while she doesn’t have to pay a premium she’s getting close to 55 and has become terrified that if she dies that the money she has scrimped away to pay for a funeral will be taken by the state along with the little house, that her pagents (before they died)  had bought for her so that she wouldn’t have to pay a rent to anyone, would taken from family members.

I suggested that he takes a close look at how she is doing her taxes, she’s mentally active and she does her own taxes and the returns for family members but she may be treating her eBay income as just ‘other income’ and not deducting expenses associated with selling  such as shipping fee’s, fee’s paid to eBay and PayPal, packaging supplies and the cost of the item, even though Stan buys it he should treat it as a consignment with her and then, even though he lets her keep all the money from the sale or rather she takes her percentage and then he just deposits the check she writes him into her savings account (his name is on the account) instead of his own bank account, that it essentially transfers the bulk of the income to him and it becomes a deductible.  Since the savings account is in both their names the funds are not classed as income that he deposits into that account because he is the depositor and they can decide who declares the income from interest on whose account they wish though these days a normal bank account is neglible anyway.

Anyway enough of that tangent we slipped off in.

Either way,  it was this betrayal by Barack Obama who blatantly lied on camera to the people of the United States that made him turn his back and he said “Hillary Clinton made me feel uneasy”.  I laughed and agreed.

Good people were hurt by a lie a President made to sell a healthcare law where the main beneficiary’ s of the law were the Insurance companies who were able to eradicate many of their legacy plans that were relatively cheap and the Pharmaceutical Industry who immediately started increasing prices on medications because they could.

Sure more people are signed up for Health Insurance than there otherwise would be but that’s because if they don’t they are penalized by a law that has a punitive punishment for not having insurance that is an unfair burden on those that earn one or two thousand dollars a year more than the maximum allowed for Medicaid or assistance and even with the discounted prices that the Affordable Care Act offered still left them worse off than if they had the lower income and qualified for Medicaid and relied on government assistance.

Interestingly, those on welfare could have an income higher than the ceiling in some states and get free healthcare through medicaid.  How fair is that?  That a person can be better offer than those that are killing themselves working 40,50, 60 or more hours per week to keep a roof over their families head while others too lazy to work get a free ride with their apartment rent, their food, their lifestyle, and healthcare all provided for them.

It’s not fair, Obamacare was not fair and benefited those too lazy to work and punished those that can’t work and those that work their asses off because they don’t want to live off government handouts.

I look forward to a fairer replacement that doesn’t give a free ride to those that would rather commit crimes or march and protest every time a person is shot or march because they don’t get free education.

In fact talking of these people that want a free ride, they can take over working on farms picking crops from the illegals.  PROBLEM SOLVED!