Solar Energy is a bust

Sorry kids, it just can’t work based on how it stands in 2017!

As much as we would all love the situation is that we just cannot, unless we are the elites, or even the lesser elites, say that Solar Power is sustainable.

Why is solar power not sustainable?

While it seems a no-brainer to say that solar power is a win win situation it may be more of a case of unless you own those solar panels outright and have the luxury of also having a battery storage system that will cover some of the time that there is no sunlight to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels it means that we are really not benefiting.

Those that sell solar on a rent or lease to own basis really have the terms in their favour, with the payback terms lasting over the life of the panels at which time the return is worth little more than the discount on the KWH charge that you paid to them.

The likes of you and me that don’t have solar, even in the sun soaked regions like Southern California are the ones that are being penalised.

Many of us would benefit from a scene where they would hold ‘power saving days’ that would give a credit for those days depending on whether we turned off everything and suffered for the sake of the electricity grid.

Yeah they would give us a $6 refund but only if our power consumption was less than the previous weeks usage on that day.

Trouble is, now during those peak hours there is so much of a glut that we, the consumer without solar panels, are facing a glut.  We still stay the supplier premium pricing when they are are desperate to give away the power because there is so much being supplied to the grid that they are turning off power stations and still have a glut of electricity from the power being fed to the network from home solar panels.

It also means that wind power is negatively affected so those areas in Southern California such as the San Gorgonio Pass near Palm Springs where heat driving winds occur happen during the day rather than the night it means that their power is devalued.

Rather than cutting the price of power the Electricity providers are looking at ways of increasing their income by either increasing the charge for power or cutting discounts or both.

We are literally in a situation where those that relied on the schemes that offered them a saving in return for them suffering the summer heat are now suffering the summer heat simply because they can’t afford the $400 to $1000 or higher a month cost just to cool their homes to 78-80 degrees fahrenheit during those summer months.

These people are suffering because of the false assertion by many that ‘green’ energy will offset the carbon use of the world, well off California, well maybe it might cover the cost of  a small town of 5-10 thousand residents in the midwest but realistically it just won’t help the world.

Donald Trump is right to reverse Obama’s bullshitery on solar and green power, it doesn’t help, it costs the US more than it saves and the people of the US are in a lose lose situation.  The material for the solar panels, in fact the solar panels themselves come from China and China continues to be the winner from the materials needed to the the panels to the the fact that they are not as stringent where carbon emissions are concerned,