Public Service Announcement for iOS Beta

Just a small public service announcement for those running the iOS 11 beta and considering rolling back to iOS 10.3.2 for stability…

Don't follow the advice on doing this published by Apple centric blog unfortunately their advice to put your phone into iBoot mode and using iTunes to download and install a clean copy of the current stable non-verbal version of iOS 10 will leave you with a phone trapped in iBoot mode.

Essentially you have to download beta version of iOS 10 (currently 10.3.3) and force it to use the beta file.

Now you can either use the iOS 10 beta or use iBoot to roll to the non-beta version of iOS 10 as normal.

This may change later in the beta test for iOS 11 but at this time if you don't feel comfortable with this long winded process then you may end up sitting right and waiting for a more stable version of the beta to come along or your local Apple Store will help you with this whole process.

Note that while many features seem to work seamlessly in the new beta there are many apps that cease working correctly and you may find yourself stuck wiring for developers to release stable versions that work with it.

Unlike previous betas though the developers are pushing out these fixes and changes in real time to make their apps work in the new version of the OS early.