Update to Those Pesky Airpods…

Yesterday I wrote about my disaster with a set of Apple Airpods and that can be found here and my attempt at recovering them, merely as an exercise to see if I would have success doing so and here is the blunt and rather short update to that.

After switching out the charger for an iPad charger the battery finally did reach full charge, as an experiment I took them off the charger and within seconds the battery was at 99%, I went to bed and checked again this morning, it was completely dead.

Put the airpods back onto the iPad charger and within an hour showed 100%, so it has no problem charging the battery and the Airpods but seems incapable of holding the charge.

Meanwhile the Airpods themselves want to connect to the iPhone regardless of whether they are in the case or not. So rather than them maybe coming back to life as a spare set they will be consigned to the kingdom of clutter I call the desk drawer with a post-it note saying they are broken.

I’m using the replacement set I purchased from Apple and had delivered and the cost of experimenting by purchasing a replacement charging case then a right airpod then a left airpod would have cost more and the outcome would have still be the same but at a higher cost. Plus I get another lightning cable to add to my collection of them.

I might come back to them some time in the future and try charging or maybe just list the set on eBay as broken and let someone else invest time trying to get them to work but I dare not rub my two brain cells together too hard, the friction might make them explode and somewhere people with sensistive hearing will complain of the tiny bang it would make.