California Makes Solar Panels Compulsory on New Build Homes, a move that will negatively impact older homes & those that cannot have solar installed and those that can’t afford Solar installation

California has made it compulsory for new home builders to install Solar panels as standard on the homes they build where the home is capable of carrying them. What is wrong with this move.

While everyone should be elated that Home builders are now required to install solar panels on the homes they construct there are other impacts that are not as positive and this worries many including myself.

A perfect example is that it is all well and good expanding solar installation by force but at the same time the Electricity Generators and grid managers are going to want to maintain the profits they make to compensate for reduced usage. How are they going to do this? They’re going to hike up the cost of electricity. So people with Solar Panels will eventually end up paying as much for a home where they are generating electricity and even selling back into the generation grid or offsetting their power needs during the long hot summers where air condition systems run almost 24 hours a day.

Meanwhile we will have real victims of this massive inflation on the cost of electricity in the State, those that live in older homes that can’t afford solar, those in homes that are not designed to have solar installations and those living in rented accommodation such as apartments that will never benefit from solar even if it is installed, the generation of power from these systems going almost totally back into the grid and the Apartment complex owner benefiting from extra income.

These people will suffer unreasonably with massive hikes in the cost of their power, leading more to choose to power off their air conditioning and suffer in 110-120 degree heat because they cannot afford to pay bills three or four times the current (overly inflated California prices).

Businesses will suffer, especially small business that least units in a building, they will have much higher overheads and more of these small start ups will start failing or charge higher fees for the goods and/or services.

The state has not bothered to take any of this into account. They don’t care about the impact on the poor, they don’t care about the impact on the elderly, they don’t care about the loss of jobs in small businesses as they fail under the stain of paying excessive electricity bills.

Then we have those poor saps, yes the idiots, that lock themselves into these schemes where they get solar panels but the cost of the electricity is only a few cents lower than the normal price, the company itself takes all the benefit. These people are merely power generators for the companies that installed the panels.

One, supposedly tech savvy person, Leo Laporte, host of the Tech Guy Radio Show, in an on air discussion with a coworker where they discussed the deals they got from such companies and thinking they had a good deal, both are paying inflated rates for electricity and feel they are getting a good deal. They declare that they will own the panels in 10 years or 15 years or so an then they will make all the income from the panels. Trouble is, in 10 years these same panels are not as efficient.

These same people, and California Lawmakers fail to grasp the finite efficiency of solar panels. They claim it is clean power, it is not efficient, it is not a clean power and those that claim it is don’t realize that the production of panels includes the use of highly toxic chemicals including cadmium telluride, cadmium gallium diselenide, copper indium gallium, and copper indium selenide to name just a few. Solar panels are not a clean energy.

Then we have those that claim, b’b’but we can have a battery system connected and power the home overnight from the power generated during the day. Again, this relies on toxic chemicals and yet again these have a finite life.

There seems to be a disconnect when it comes to the term “Ecological” and “Environmental” where supporters of both seem to have a cognitive dissonance when it comes to Solar and battery back up. They refuse to acknowledge that both technologies are not environmentally friendly, they are neither ecologically friendly and just because those in one country don’t have to deal with the toxic repercussions of the creation of these technologies it doesn’t mean it is okay to pretend that someone or somewhere is not suffering both ecological and environmental effects of the production in those locations.

California needs to think long term and get over the paranoia of the Nuclear Industry and start replacing Fossil fuels with Nuclear energy using the modern safe systems that are available. All the accidents and disasters are from technology from 50’s and 60’s and modern generation systems can use the waste fuel from those old nuclear power plants that we are desperately trying to hide in holes in the ground! It’s not any more dirty than the Solar Industry and possibly far cleaner, cleaning up the mess of older nuclear power generation that was not as efficient and not as safe.

Sure there will be a place for solar generation but forcing a situation where Home owners feel forced or compelled to install on their existing homes because Power generators were cornered into hiking the cost of their power due to a short sighted measure to make them look like they are at the forefront of Environmental issues when they will just be putting California at the forefront of the next ecological disaster in 5 to 10 years time.