Oh Youtube You Didn’t?! You did!

How can Youtube claim they don’t have a politic bias, you don’t put politics first when making decisions…

We can all understand taking a stand on something like showing how to build a bomb, ways to smuggle a gun onto the channel tunnel, how to sneak a firearm on to an aircraft etc

But why do you find it necessary to target youtube creators that have fire arms manufacturers as sponsors, to target demonstrations of what different caliber bullets will do, instructional video’s on safe use of firearms etc.

You see, you have kept the video’s produced by the likes of the Daily Mail etc that had reporters showing how to build and smuggle printed plastic guns onto the channel tunnel, you have kept the same report for another news outlet showing how he managed to smuggle actual knifes and guns onto aircrafts and you have far more dangerous videos still on youtube but you choose to target those with sponsors or those advocating safe use of firearms.

A very biased and unbalanced way of policing video’s. Especially when they have inopportune video’s appearing on the YoutubeKids app. They have video’s pushing an agenda that is not only inappropriate for children but is made to entice children to watch and indoctrinate them with ideas that are not suitable for children of the age that the videos are directed at with them using Balloons or cuddly toys to make their messages seems like it is fun and normal.

There are far more terrible things that video’s sponsored by gun manufacturers but Youtube and obviously Susan Wojcicski and other executives feel that protecting young children from inappropriate videos is not as important as targeting conservative leaning creators and those that enjoy firearms as a hobby.

Sadly Youtube has all its priorities way out of whack and they are putting virtue signaling far far far ahead of business. I don’t own a gun, I don’t watch firearm videos but seeing them targeted for that very thing simply because it’s now vogue to target this group.

So today they are targeting Guns but what next, video games with guns in on “Let’s Play” video’s. It’s incredible the length that Youtube will go to virtue signal and push their own political agenda.


Happy Kumite Days….


What you cannot do in the UK if you are a Comedian, a YouTuber or just a person, online or offline…

Yesterday (March 20th 2018) YouTuber Markus Meechan was found guilty of Hate Speech. Even though it was made clear that his video was meant as a joke, even though the mass of public opinion was in favor of him the prosecutor pushed the line that facts don’t really matter it is the “perceived intent” that is all that matters.

Markus Meechan (known as Count Dankula online) will receive his sentence on April 23rd 2018 after the Judge has had time to review reports.

This aside, the fact the case was found to be against Mr Meechan and for the Prosecutor immediately sets alarm bells for anyone inside by UK and anyone that may visit the UK that creates Youtube videos.

It means that if someone complains that they perceive something you have said or done as being offensive that you stand a good chance of being arrested. It means that a police officer can arrest you for Hate crimes simply because they perceive you to be creating an atmosphere that intimidates others.

It means that if you have created a video that received a lot of complaints for being “Marginally” offensive you may find yourself arrested upon entry to the UK simply because someone in the UK finds you offensive.

It means that now a standing is present that “perceived threat” or “perceived hate” or “perceived offense” has more standing that actual facts in a case against you. It means that you can get a 4am knock at the door and dragged away simply because a person has felt your statement, your appearance, you being in a location, is intimidation.

It means that anyone that makes a comment about for example the “Islamists grooming young children as prostitutes in Telford UK” saying how disgusting this is and says it online or in a private forum with just friends who share it with others that you risk being arrested if a Moslem finds it offensive or hateful, that your opinion is hate speech against them.

Literally from now on in the UK there is no longer freedom of speech, there is no longer freedom of expression and from now on there is no freedom of thought. Yes, if they perceive that you were “thinking” under the determination of this court case and it being based successfully on “perception” there really is no evidence required other than someone feels that you would have said something.

It amazes me that any court anywhere would find a person guilty based on perception and worse still the perception of a prosecutor rather than those that it allegedly was targeted at.

One of my neighbors was calling their pet cat, it is white with a black splash of fur on the top of the head and a little on the front, the cat is called Hitler. Now this cat will beg like a dog just like this pug and does it simply when it hears people talk, If this was the UK would the owners be treated as criminals? I for one wouldn’t want to be in that position in the UK.

No person should be found guilty simply based on a comedy skit where a dog lifts a paw or jumps up and looks simply because he heard a person speak, especially when the girlfriend explained that he lifted his paw like that at the slightest hint of food and responded to anything that sounded up beat like he was going for a walk.

In fact while visiting family in the UK in 2012 my mum’s dog would perk up at the slightest voice that sounded like he was going to go for a walk, even if he had just been on a multi mile walk. I am sure that if I had said “Gas the Jews” he would have jumped up expecting to go for a walk, he certainly would when I said, “There’s birds in your yard” in the tone that Markus Meechan had used with his pug Buddha.

Should you delete your Facebook Account?

Many publications have been pushing people to delete their Facebook Accounts, Leo Laporte has deleted his account (for how long we don’t know) but should you delete your Facebook account?

Yes, let’s start off by saying Leo Laporte self pro-claimed Tech Guru and and Google Promoter has deleted his Facebook account after the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, many others are telling people to delete their Facebook accounts but let’s put things into perspective.

I personally think everyone should delete their Facebook accounts and avoid where possible Google Products and Services, let’s get that clear from the start, not because of this latest fiasco but because of the abuse of data collection and the level of data collection that they both carry out. Let’s face it, if you are not paying for a service you are the not the User, you are the USED.

What did Cambridge Analytica do and was it done before?

Essentially Cambridge Analytica had people go to a website, had them sign in using their facebook account and then using the permissions approved by those signing in to scrape any publicly available data including posts and personal location data. Nothing that was set to private and no private posts. They then analyzed this data to provide advertising prompts.

What did it do? It simply provided the information that allowed better tailoring of advertising. The actual advertising merely reflected what those users that had signed in and allowed access to their data were already thinking. The statement emboldened is for reference, because the 50 million or so users approved access to the data that was taken.

This is not the first time this has happened though. If you read the news a leading member of the Barack Obama 2012 presidential campaign boasts that their own campaign did the same thing, the only difference was that it was done in house.

The Obama campaign had people sign in using their Facebook Log-in which then required them to approve access. They then pulled ALL DATA because at that time all data could be accessed even if it was private including very personal and private information no available after it was discovered. So four years earlier the Obama campaign did the same thing. In fact Mark Zuckerberg visited Barack Obama and allegedly according to the campaign staffer “to tell him not to do it again and to find out how they did it so they could block it happening again“.

In fact this was in the public domain, Barack Obama himself boasted of how they collected data, cross referenced it and tailored advertising to fit the feelings of those that had signed in.

Does that sound similar to the current controversy? Yes.

Why are people angry this time round then?

The only reason that I can find is that they are mad as hell because Facebook claimed that this would never be possible. The other reason is that all those telling people to delete their facebook accounts are very left leaning Bloggers and People (Journalists are not what I would call them, they don’t investigate they don’t verify they just do what I’m doing and sit and write it down, they just think a Journalism degree makes them special though I think the special they are is in the handicap sense of special).

I seriously think the anger is purely based on politics. The only bad thing is that the CEO of Cambridge Analytica chose to boast about how well they had done and like any CEO they would happily claim that it won them the election. After all Barack Obama actually claimed that it was this insider analytics they did in 2012 that essentially allowed them to put out the messages that won him a second term.

So should I delete my Facebook account based on this controversy?

If your decision is based purely on this controversy like Leo Laporte and his fellow faux-intellectual Faux Tech savvy people then the answer is NO!

In both cases the only people that had their data pulled were people that signed and approved the use of the data. In 2012 it was literally all Democrats and while the way that Cambridge Analytics was a little underhanded because it was a dumb personality test, and let us all be honest about it, the people that do these tests are not the brightest bulb on the tree the data was a little less biased politically giving a general litmus of how people felt.

I still have a facebook account, It’s always set to private with only a few friends and family on there for contact purposes because it is easy and with family overseas it allows us to use the Facebook messenger calling system to contact each other. Essentially very limited use. I’m not deleting it, I use to serve me, not to furnish Facebook with incoming building data. In fact I get harassed by facebook to follow more people, it tells me I don’t have enough “friends”. I know they’re not getting any useful data from my account and think adding more contacts would make interactions increase.

If you do decide to delete your Facebook account…

Literally you need to delete not just facebook. You need to do the following;

Stop using Google for search

Stop using Google products and services

Delete your Google Accounts

Don’t watch Youtube

Don’t use Android OS base phones and tablets

Don’t use Chrome OS based tablets and devices

Don’t use Bing

Stop using Twitter

Don’t use Microsoft Products and services

Don’t use any other Social Media

Don’t use the internet at all

This is the only way you can stop people scraping data. Even those that don’t do it, they do it. In fact Google’s advertising service scrapes data when you visit sites with their advertising on it.

What I suggest

Be careful about what you do online, treat it as if you are living in a police state. Always act like someone is watching you. No VPN’s and Private browsing don’t fully stop data collection, doing a search through a VPN with a private browser on Google or Bing etc still leaves a record of data, it still gives data that can be collated and sold by the search engine.

Remember that any service that is free is not free, you are not the user of the service, you are a Product and the owner of the service is the Owner of the product and they own you.

Remember Caveat Emptor, Buyer Beware!

That free apps from Google are sub par barely useable apps. I recently tried to recreate spreadsheets with the Google version of the Apple Sheets App. The result was not fun.

Remember that the Apple Apps may be classed as free but you pay a premium for the device to get them, Google’s Apps are classed as free but they scan the documents files and data to see what they can use for profit.

People have claimed that the Apple Sheets and Pages apps are not as good as the apps from Google and not as good as the original Mac versions were. I have to admit that it took a while to adjust to how they worked but they’ve since become better after being dumbed down and even the iOS version of the apps as a delight to use.

I found that there was so many features that are missing from the Google apps that I took for granted on the Apple Sheets app. I found that I couldn’t have multiple tables on each tab, to get it match the version I had on iOS I needed 70 plus tabs and I found it difficult to read the spreadsheet. I had to change the way some formulae worked and some just wouldn’t work on Google’s app.

In the end I gave up. I was doing it because someone had asked me to give them a version they could use on every device and they used Android devices. They didn’t like the result. They went out and purchased Apple devices.

The bonus is that now their business information is not going to be “scanned” for advertising data etc.

You have to decide how much you want Fake-Free where the cost of the service from Google etc is costing them almost nothing to provide but the income from the data they have scraped is humungous. Apple charge for more than 5Gb of cloud storage but would you pay 99 cents a month for extra storage for business documents or get 15Gb free with your data being scanned for the benefit of others.

eBay doesn’t support White as an Ethnicity…

It brought to my attention that eBay has a “quirk” in their Doll section item specifics, it doesn’t have an option for White as an option in the Ethnicity item specific. You have to manually add it.

I didn’t believe it when I was told by a local eBay vendor so this morning I sat down with the eBay app and went through the creation of the process for a doll item.

Lo an behold there is no option for White

So I guess even Social Justice our Virtue Signalling has oozed into eBay and they no longer want to have White as an ethnicity. Shame on eBay. Thankfully if your doll is of a white ethnicity you can manually add “White” but should you have to do that, what would the reaction be if Black or Native American etc was missing from that same list?

All i could tell them was that they would have to add the ethnicity manually or not enter this field at all. I guess nobody wants “white skin tone on their Barbie Dolls these days”.

Review: Zohmo X2-3000 3000 mAh Power Case For iPhone X

Sometimes you buy a great product at a bargain price, sometimes you find that it is not as good as they, claimed…

For some people they use their devices and don’t have a chance to get to a charger because of travel or work schedules and having a built in source of charging or topping up your battery is perfect.

Occasionally I have to be where access to a charger is impossible and rather than lug along an external battery and lighting to USB connector and charge my iPhone X I saw that Amazon was selling a case with 3000 mAh battery for less than $30. A bargain, let’s see whether it was or whether it was not.

It arrived and I was stunned at the appalling lack of instructions, the fitting and removable instructions are based on THREE DRAWINGS on the box. The use instructions are on the rear of a decorative piece of paper made to look like the screen of an iPhone X sitting inside the case.

Charging time is horrendous, 5 hours to charge the case according to the instructions. Yes it took all five hours and more. I found that by e only way to successfully get a full charge was to charge it with no phone in place.

It uses a lightning port which is nice, no need to have to use a USB connector, something that always bugged me with this type of case but come on, 5 hours and in the end I went to bed with the case still charging and no phone connected after 8 hours it was still charging and finally reached full charge during the night.

I installed the iPhone X into the case. If you want to protect you phone you”re out of luck, if it falls face first there is barely any raised lip around the edge and what feels like zero protection.

The first day I used it as normal, I found that it would pass-through charge so you could use the phone as normal, the placing of their lightning connector is a little awkward being on the lower right side of the case. For some reason though it doesn’t allow the iPhone to fully charge, it will randomly stop the charging process and you have to incessantly disconnect and reconnect the power source to even pass-through charge your phone. Not a good experience and it takes far longer to charge, about 3 or 4 times longer to charge using the pass through. Overnight, aside from the annoying white led’s acting like a night light, the shutting off the power to the phone itself randomly meant the phone was not fully charged, it was at 96% after being on charge all night and when I looked the charging was off again. While I showered I managed to get it to 100% for the test I planned.

This morning was a perfect day to test, I have a fairly stable routine on a Thursday and today was actually much shorter than normal so the results should have favored the case and the phone.

Normally during the 3 1/2 hour morning routine with the iPhone being on charge the battery level would either remain at 100% or drop to 95 at most during this period even though it is streaming to bluetooth and operating at a Dash Cam. This morning even though the phone showed charging when the lightning connector was attached the battery level dropped to 68%. Worse still the case showed that its battery level had dropped too, it showed the battery as half full! The case actually negatively impacted the performance of the iPhone’s own battery. Worse rather than a 3 1/2 hour schedule I was finished in less than two hours. Obviously the charge being passed to the iPhone is much reduced and what is the battery itself doing? Since I had never set it to charge the phone directly and was using pass through charging allowing the battery to pull power of charge if necessary the battery should have been full, why was it down to half charge? The phone was drained, the battery was drained, what’s going on?

Concerned about this I removed the battery case and put it on charge at about 9am, by 1pm it was fully charged.

Meanwhile I placed the iPhone X on charge and got it to 98% before I disconnected it at about 9.45am, at the time of writing at 1.15pm the battery has dropped to 85% with heavy use this morning without the battery case attached and I mean heavy heavy use. Spread sheets, playing a game, social media and phone calls. Far more use than it had received in the two hours with the case on.

If the point of this case is to give you access to extra charge when you need it to replenish a depleted battery it doesn’t work. It depletes the battery more.

Would I recommend this case?

Not really, you can find it here on Amazon

iPhone X Accessories – iPhone X Battery Case | Slimmest Rechargeable Backup Charging Case for Apple 10 Phone | Best Chargers for Extended Portable Power Pack Cases | 3,000 mAh | 100% Recharge by Zohmo

Positive points

It’s Cheap

It uses the lightning connector

Negative points

The case barely protects the phone

Instructions are Scant to say the least

It doesn’t perform as it should

To summarize, you really get what you pay for sometimes and this is not a bargain. It will be consigned to the drawer of bad decisions and I’ll just make sure I have access to a lightning cord and external battery and stick to a normal case that protects the iPhone X and at least I won’t have a mystery discharge of the battery.

As an aside I did monitor the initial discharge from 100% with the case connected and it takes minutes (single digit minutes) to drop 3-5% while with the case off from 100% carrying out the same “idle use” of the iPhone X it doesn’t drop from 100% at all indicating the case has to drawing power from the phone itself and possibly has an issue internally where it is also draining its own battery. Indicating that there is possibly poor manufacturing quality and no testing.

Sadiq Khan you’re demands for Thoughts that don’t align with your ideology is totalitarian at best

Just this week The Mayor of London (well Greater London) Sadiq Khan has demanded that social media target those that make unsavory statements though his demands were in itself rather akin to some 3rd world totalitarian regime like North Korea.

While visiting SXSW in Austin Texas Sadiq Khan used tweets sent to him as a way of demanding that social media eradicate anyone that does not align with, essentially, him.

This in itself was uncomfortable to hear and must be uncomfortable for those that fought for our freedoms that in their latter years are now hearing politicians of countries that fought a regime that rounded up those that did not agree or align with their ideology and sent them to worker camps or death camps.

We live in a world where it is becoming increasingly common for groups to demand that those that have ideas or thoughts that do not agree with theirs be removed from the arena of conversation and silenced. Is this not what Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s did, is this not what Stalin and his regime did and is this not what Kim Jong Un leader of North Korea is currently actively doing? We actively decry and argue against doing this in the real world but these groups want to silence people online.

Should we allow the internet to be turned into a one sided argument where those that do not agree are silenced and refused access to voice their dissent? No!

What was worse about Sadiq Khan’s demand was that he said it should be done voluntarily by the social platforms but if they don’t then the full weight of the legal system, i.e. politicians such as him, will force them to do it. Meaning that regardless of whether the social media platforms do it voluntarily he demands that they do it and not of their own volition so it is, in his words “Compulsory” in the essence.

To use tweets sent to him as a basis, a hand full of tweets that he cherry picked shows a rather sociopathic side to his nature. He also failed to admit that he openly defended an iman live on TV that was arrested and deported for promoting ISIS and argued that he should not be deported purely for his “thoughts” meanwhile he is now wanting people to be silenced simply because of their thoughts.

There are a lot of people out there that do say things that are not nice. It is not just limited to the far right, it is not just limited to the white supremacists but these are the people he specifically targeted.

I’m not far right, I’m not white supremacists but I am a supporter of an open forum where the good ideas and thoughts tend to rise to the top and the shitty lousy ones sink to the bottom and are extinguished through lack of interest.

When you try to silence the thoughts that you feel are unwanted or not desirable you put those thoughts underground, you don’t silence them you make the people find other ways to propagate the message and among likeminded or disenfranchised people these messages tend to grow and flourish and nobody can see that it is flourishing until that group become a danger to the civility of the populous.

If you look at Christianity as an example, the Hebrews tried to silence them, they forced them underground, they executed their leader but Christianity continued to flourish and collected those that were outsiders, those that were disenfranchised with Judaism and it grew regardless of an attempt to suppress it. Do we really want to push extremists underground, do we really want to let a cancer breed or do we go all out like Stalin and Hitler and start putting people into concentration camps and Gulag’s for thinking wrong. At what stage do we stop Sadiq? Do we start Crucifying those guilty of wrong thing because they hurt your feelings?

No, we leave them out in the open and we choose to ignore them openly. We allow those that we don’t agree with, whether we sit on the left or the right of the political spectrum, to continue to talk and if we personally find those statements unsavory and unpalatable to our tender sensibilities then we know how to use the available mute and block functionality and not listen to them personally.

There are lots of people I don’t agree with, I utilize the block and mute functionality of twitter, of facebook, Mind and Gab.AI to not have to interact with these people. They can shout and rant all they like but at the end of the day I personally don’t have to interact with them. They still have the right to rant and say what they want and I have the ability to not listen and that’s all that matters.

In fact the ability to not listen is more important than the inability to hear! When we lose the ability to hear all viewpoints then we are in a bad place and what Sadiq Khan is demanding and some other entities like Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center are advocating for is the silencing of any points of view that they don’t like, they are advocating for the very regime they claim to despise!

Andy Ihnakto you obviously don’t actually use Youtube do you?

On a recent podcast journalist Andy Ihnakto (from now on I’ll use TicTacToe it’s easier to type) claimed that Youtube was great at identifying what you watch and what you don’t like. Judging by my experience and the experience of others that is the opposite.

The trouble with TicTacToes statement is that he claimed that the Google product learned and he never gets inundated with Cat Video’s and it’s all stuff he wants to watch.

My issue with this statement is that even though I have specifically said that I am not interested in content from specific people and I religiously do this for all cat video producers, the creators of those dumb “10 things” lists and smug assholes like Carl Benjamin aka “Sargon of Akkad” who is a bigger sociopath than those he critiques. In fact I did the same for his Hemorrhoid Veeh Munro only to find that regardless of how many time I do they still appear in the feeds.

As an experiment I tried blocking every single creator that showed in the recommended, to no avail, some would vanish for a day or two and the reappear.

I block every single “make-up tutorial”, I’m a guy, I don’t care about how to put on mascara and don’t care about learning about it but I’m guaranteed to see them turn up.

In fact I don’t care for music video’s, I also consistently say “I don’t want to see” each and every one, yet Katy Fucking Perry persists in reappearing and every hip hop artist and crap rapper that I have said I don’t want to see anymore of their videos appears ago.

Yet Andy TicTacToe claims that Google’s AI and algorithm does a great job within youtube refining the quality of the feed.

What am I doing wrong? Am I being too explicit and saying I don’t want to see this shit.

My recommended today includes “The Pink Panther Theme”, “The Back Street Boys – I like It that Way” as two of the items. Today was a good day. About 25% of the video’s are ones that I would even be interested.

What I rarely see in the recommended is stuff related to what I have been watching.

I do see regularly stuff that has been ripped from, ie stolen from cable networks and even has the channel logo in the corner and even the advertising in some cases, these video’s are emblazoned with advertising every few minutes on top of the original advertising and yet Youtube doesn’t fix this, they condone Federal Crimes.

I also see regularly some of the most awful video. There was actually one video where the Latino girl’s video was not even her doing anything other than leaning over at the camera and “jiggling” her breasts and saying “Do you like this”. I blocked her content but it still turns up.

Are people gaming the tags to get their video’s reintroduced into the recommended or does Youtube not have a working AI.

Either way while they are busy censoring some people they are happy to allow some of the most awful shit to be published on their site and push into feeds.

In fact the content and quality went down hill after the first Adpocalypse or whatever people want to call it and each time they react to the demands of precious snowflakes that can’t self censor (and the ability to block content used to work perfectly before tantrums started) and just not watch the stuff they don’t like.

Yeah, Susan Wojcicki you need to focus on making Youtube work and ignore the tender feelings of the adult babies you seem to be catering to these days. Let people like myself actually get the “self censoring” functionality that we used to use successfully to stop seeing content we don’t want to see and stop pushing awful shit on to people. I don’t care if that awful shit got 10 billion views in the last 48 hours simply because it gamed the system and I don’t care if this YouTuber has millions of followers, if a person says they are not interested in receiving video’s in the recommended feed then they mean it, it’s multiple steps to do it, people don’t request not to see a particular type of content by chance.

Youtube, also start learning that if someone says they don’t want to see “make up tutorials” or “cat videos” on a consistent basis it means “They don’t like these” stop inundating people with more and more of them.