Update to Those Pesky Airpods…

Yesterday I wrote about my disaster with a set of Apple Airpods and that can be found here and my attempt at recovering them, merely as an exercise to see if I would have success doing so and here is the blunt and rather short update to that.

After switching out the charger for an iPad charger the battery finally did reach full charge, as an experiment I took them off the charger and within seconds the battery was at 99%, I went to bed and checked again this morning, it was completely dead.

Put the airpods back onto the iPad charger and within an hour showed 100%, so it has no problem charging the battery and the Airpods but seems incapable of holding the charge.

Meanwhile the Airpods themselves want to connect to the iPhone regardless of whether they are in the case or not. So rather than them maybe coming back to life as a spare set they will be consigned to the kingdom of clutter I call the desk drawer with a post-it note saying they are broken.

I’m using the replacement set I purchased from Apple and had delivered and the cost of experimenting by purchasing a replacement charging case then a right airpod then a left airpod would have cost more and the outcome would have still be the same but at a higher cost. Plus I get another lightning cable to add to my collection of them.

I might come back to them some time in the future and try charging or maybe just list the set on eBay as broken and let someone else invest time trying to get them to work but I dare not rub my two brain cells together too hard, the friction might make them explode and somewhere people with sensistive hearing will complain of the tiny bang it would make.


Those Pesky Apple Airpods…

Yeah, I love my Airpods, I really use them a lot, so what happens when something goes wrong…

When I say that I use them a lot, right now I am wearing a replacement set that I ordered as soon as I realized what I had done, and kind of watching, but really listening to, a movie using the picture in picture feature of my iPad.

Literally I did the worst thing possible a few days ago, I was doing laundry and normally I check every pocket but on a whim I added to the laundry the clothing I was currently wearing and didn’t notice that I had the Airpods in their charging case in a pocket.

I didn’t even realize they were in the washing machine until I took everything out of the machine after the cycle and hear a noise of something solid hitting off the drum of the machine. My heart sank and I instantly knew it was not going to be good, I felt like I had drowned a favorite pet or a child (yes it was that bad).

I didn’t want to go into an Apple store and face the music so I quickly searched for the wisdom of the crowd and found a few searches from people that had had the misfortune to launder their Airpods. Some were saying they had no issues after it had been through a wash and even through the tumble dryer so I slipped the airpods back into the pocket they came out of and let them go through the dryer cycle. I also read that someone had left their Airpods sitting for several days and they started working so I though that I would put them into a sealed back with a mixture of rice and some large silica crystal sachet’s that I had dehydrated in the oven while the dryer was doing it’s thing and leave for a day.

First day after the failure, A spark of life, unfortunately a negative affect was that the airpods kept trying to connect to my devices as if they were being worn and struggled to charge so I put the rice and the silica crystal sachet’s back into the oven and got them dehydrated again, put into a plastic container with a sealable lid and buried the open Airpod Case and the Airpods (all separated from each other) into the hot rice and put the sachet’s on top then sealed them up and put the container in the still warm oven overnight. I also told the iPhone to forget the Airpods.

After an extra night I tested the Airpods, connected a charger and it showed signs of charging, after a day the airpods themselves reached 100% charge but the airpod case hadn’t charged at all so I left it charging while I went out and about, at the end of the next day I had a whopping 2% charge on the case.

I had already ordered and received a replacement set of Airpods from Apple, Ordered and received within 36 hours from Apple so the reason I have for trying to restore my original Airpods is purely an exercise to get them working just to have a spare set or to see if I can get them going again at all.

Today 3 days after they went onto charge they had reached 6% at 6am and 22% by 12pm but sadly it just sat there not progressing though I am using an iPhone charger so might try using a spare iPad Charger instead and see if things improve.

The biggest lesson I have learned is to stop, thing and check pockets while doing the laundry and avoid an expensive error. Yeah I could have purchased a cheap imitation from Amazon or invested extra in a set that is fully water proof but I find those in ear rubber cone things to be exceptionally uncomfortable and they never stay in my ears which is a feature that those cheap imitation’s of Apple’s have.

Has my opinion of Airpods changed? No, they’re still a great bluetooth headphone set. I wish Apple had updated the design to make the set fully waterproof. They still the most comfortable set I have used and the Sound quality is good, certainly good enough for my needs and they don’t have that awful wire going between them.

Talking of a wire between them, I’m sure I am not the only one that ends up having that little wire on some “wireless headphones” drag one of the ear buds out of an ear during exercise. I spent weeks struggling with an expensive set (about the same price as the Apple Airpods) of Bluetooth ear buds and without fail one of the earbuds would come out as the wire caught while I turned my head from one side to the other.

Would I recommend them, hell yeah! Once you have used them you just don’t want to go back to wired listening.

Apple Airpods Bluetooth Heaven or Hell

When Apple launched the iPhone 7 they also introduced the Apple Airpods a bluetooth version of their classic earpods that they supply with every iPhone.

There has been much said about the Airpods in reviews and some pretty biased sounding reviews.   I recently purchased a set and decided I’d do my own review, no photo’s no bullshit, just factual use.


After a long wait, almost six weeks from ordering to delivery, they arrived,  the airpods come with it’s own lightning cable but no charger.  This is typical though of the many sets of bluetooth earphones I’ve used over the past several months.

The case/charger unit is far smaller than many of the photographs imply in the reviews,  it’s about the size of a very compact dental floss dispenser and only slightly heavier.  I had anticipated a rather awkward sized device.

The Airpods are securely located.   They arrived with a charge in them so they can be paired out of the box and then charged when you get a chance to do so.


Much has been said about the ability to pair to multiple Apple devices and switch between them.  Pairing them to your phone is easy, simple open the charging unit next to your iPhone and it pairs them.

I found it to be a little less obvious for the further ones, maybe I should have read the instructions but I’m a guy, and we don’t read instructions.  It wasn’t until I realized that there was a tiny button on the rear of the charging unit and then it managed to pair successfully with other devices.


We’ve all suffered from earbuds dropping out of our ears,  I’ve tried so many brands and every single one has suffered the same issue, the weight of the wire or the wire catching, even on the bluetooth ones with a wire between the two earbuds, tugs them one.  It’s annoying and in the case of a fully wired ear buds like the Apple’s earpods suffered pain when I’ve caught the wire and physically ripped the earbuds out.

This is the first time that I have had a set of earbuds that feel comfortable in the ear without them dropping out.   Even with those with little clips they would fall out or work their way out but the Airpods are so light I don’t notice them there and better still even with exercise and jumping around they’ve stayed in place with the only time being where I knocked while putting a seat belt on, at which time I was going to take it out anyway.

Sound Quality

Much has been said by reviews about noise leakage and claiming they let too much noise in, maybe t’s just me but every single set that I have purchased over the years has allowed noise to leak in and the ones that use noise cancelling tend to make me feel ill, I don’t know what it is but they just do.

The last set I purchased, Bluetooth earphones by Anker I could hear everything around me and couldn’t hear what I was listening to over the sound leaking in even at full volume.

I do like sound from around me to still be audible though, I’m not interested in blocking the world out I just want to be able to hear my music or audio feed without the world around me hearing it.

With the Apple Airpods they worked perfectly and there was actually less noise leakage from around me than many of the fully in-ear earbuds, certainly the Anker ones with their big rubber bungs let in far more noise than the Airpods.

Sound quality is as good as a wired headphone and certainly not any worse than the Apple Wired earpods.


Many reviews have gone into detail about the operation and how you can set it for pause play when tapped or activate Siri.  While I have used the remote on teh wired earpods I tend to forget about the ‘remote’ functionality and these days tend to use my Apple Watch to control the volume and forward or back through tracks.

There has been much said about the reliability of Bluetooth headphones with the sound breaking up and I have disputed this and pointed out that many of the problems are caused by the users body’s blocking the signal.

Range has always been an issue for many and I’ve disputed this also pointing out that I’ve had good reproduction with Bluetooth headsets with minimal break up of sound unless I got too far out of the quoted range and certainly rarely had sound breakup when carrying the phone unless the phone was blocked by my body completely.

In use the Airpods have been flawless, they haven’t suffered sound breakup, in fact today I was going to the grocery store and put the phone down the car seat when getting out and forgot it.  I started listening to a podcast and walked across the carpark.

Now I parked 150 meters away from the entrance to the store, I don’t see the point of fighting for a parking space when there is a huge car park.

I didn’t realize that I had left my phone in my vehicle until I entered the store and had walked between two metal shelving racks with pallets of canned goods blocking the signal.

The airpods didn’t break up, sound quality didn’t drop, until the signal was lost completely.   At which time I realized the phone was not in my pocket and after a panicked backpeddle to my vehicle found it on the seat where I had obviously left it.

I have never had a set maintain sound and connection for any distance far in excess of the operating ability of Bluetooth 4.2 but the Airpods certainly did and I was impressed by this.

If this performance is reflected multiple times in the future then the Apple Airpods will be the most reliable Bluetooth earbuds that I’ve ever used.

Battery Life

The longest I have used the Airpods has been 4 hours and was rather impressed with the 46% battery life remaining in the Airpods without having had to be inserted into the charging dock/case.

I’ll be traveling in the next few weeks and will see how good the battery life is then and will update this blog post when I finish my 24 hour trip.


Even if you have an Android phone these are ideal for you.  They work on both platforms and better still compared to many similar totally wire-free headphones they priced competitively.  I’ve always liked the feel of the Apple earpods so I am a little biased on this point.

I totally recommend them.  The wait time for delivery is a little bit of a pain and I wish I had ordered them at pre-order.  It’d also be nice if they were available in black but the original Earpods are only available in white so color is really a mute subject.