Facebook Messenger is horrible for audio

This possibly upsets a lot of people that just Love Facebook, I’m not a fan just an unwilling user of their messenger.

If I had a choice I would never use Facebook and would never use their awful messenger. Sure many people love it, I literally find it horrible to use.

I use it for one task and one task alone, my mum, yeah, it has taken her years to do anything other than “like” a post on Facebook and took her a month to work out how to answer a voice call on messenger, I dare not do “video” that would just overwhelm her and relied on a young family member to set up messenger for her.

The only trouble is the Audio is terrible, it really is like listening to a phone call on a 1930’s Soviet era phone system with Boris listening in. Though in this case it may be with Zuckerberg listening in. It’s not every time but more than enough times to be an issue 9 out of 10 times and it infuriates me that there is such an issue with a purely Internet based audio stream.

I normally use Skype for every other communication simply because sound is clean when it’s on audio and bandwidth doesn’t eat the data away if I am away from WiFi, it has never, even when on LTE or 3G with fairly low data speeds. The only reason for Facebook messenger is purely to connect with mum once or twice a week just to make sure that everything is fine and so that she doesn’t worry that something has happened untoward to me.

I expected that I was the only irate bunny using it but was shocked at the huge number of 1 star ratings on the App Store that almost matches the 5 star ratings with a fairly level mix of 4, 3, and two star ratings. I was surprised at the type of one star ratings, mine is blunt and reflects my description of the audio quality and it’s tendency to have laggy voice connection where you can hear yourself saying something you said two or three or more seconds earlier.

Many complained of features just not working and notifications no longer working and messages taking a long time to go through even though the person was nearby in tests when they had issues and wanted to test the delay they found it was laggy with the lag sometimes being several minutes in a few cases.

The more worrying issue was that many of the most recent 5 star reviews sounded like Facebook employee’s in the comment style, rather than saying why they just loved Messenger the review targeted those with one star reviews and at least two “Blamed users for having problems”. In fact it felt blatant in those cases and it seems strange that there is a sudden run of 5 star ratings to try and push the average ratings up.

Facebook though do seem to have an arrogance when it comes to how they treat the users and having been on the receiving end of their arrogant determination that a photo I had, that they pulled in automatically that featured a scene with the police arresting an armed criminal on the streets of my City which I then shared privately to family members, I strictly curate my friends list to 75% family and a few friends and keep that list strictly curated to just the few (You won’t find me with hundreds of friends — I don’t friend people just because I bumped into them in the street like so many do) but Facebook said that it was “Hate Speech” showing the image and that the image was the issue and pulled it down. Then they did the same thing when I sent in messenger a link to a news story that was literally in their own news feed, they locked my account for 7 days saying that I was spreading fake news and I had to respond with “Well the link came from your news feed so you were spreading Fake News before I was spreading it”.

So after frustration and Mum saying that she didn’t know how to set up a skype account I set up an account and put everyone on that she contacts that are all on Skype and then sent her the account name and password and a link to the Android Skype App.

Now I have to wait for another family member to visit that will install Skype and enter the account name and password for her.

I doubt my opinion of Facebook Messenger will change, when a company focuses on data-scraping rather than quality of the App then it’s just not fair for the users that that use those features. Facebook just make things work be nice to the users and they will not give one star ratings.


Facebook’s News Feed is still totally broken and biased

After all the uproar during and post Election cycle over fake news and bias in the Facebook News Feeds, months on the problem has seen very little improvement.

Sure the problem has “improved” when it comes to the actual news stories but the following happens in more than 90% of occasions.

The Link Title

Rather than be an accurate link title Facebook will use something that makes someone click on the link for example a story about Barack Obama may very well be titled “Donald Trump” when the story is all about Barack Obama going off somewhere to write his memoirs and the story doesn’t even mention Donald Trump.

Over the space of a month of observing this occurred in 75% of occasions where the link title had nothing to do with the base article.

The Commentary posts

Amazingling you may have to scroll quite a way down to get a comment that has anything to do with the story and isn’t a piece of propaganda.  For example today there was a news story about Donald Trump offering his condolence to Vladimir Putin over the  St. Petersburg subway bombing.

There was over 35 ‘commentary’ posts listed that were identical and appeared to be propaganda by a liberal group and yet they were given priority over people’s real comments that were honest statements showing concern and feelings of sorrow for the people of Russia affected by a Terrorist act.

Reporting of Issues

If you choose to report one of the commentaries it treats the base story as the false news when the commentary is the false news or propaganda which, because it is in the news feed and in some cases where it is ‘paid for posting’ or ‘group posting’ of the same statements in the commentary posts has the same effect as an actual website that is posting “Fake News”.

The whole issue with Fake News was that it was allegedly the posting of Propaganda in websites that deliberately led to confusing facts and fiction and these comments that Facebook are allowing are doing exactly that, they are utilising their “commenting through sharing of news stories” by adding their propagandising statements to the shared article to get it in the news feed successfully and carry out exactly the same act and these commentary posts done through sharing of the articles are not including the fact checking even if you report them because it is the original story that is fact checked and most times it is a factual story.

Fact Checking

As pointed out above, fact checking is only carried out on the base story while the commentary on the ‘share’ of the story by persons or groups may have very little to do with the news story and may very well be factually incorrect or out right political propaganda is ignored.

So yes, Facebook have failed to address their Fake News problem

What Facebook have done is simply open up the trending news section towards those within Facebook biasing the narrative of the news feed by taking links to the stories and then posting their propagandised comment above it in the share they made.

Facebook has put their head in the sand, they use a system that does not address the issue and they don’t take action against repeat offenders that continually post or groups that are mass sharing with identical commentary statements above their share of the same article which implies that it was done by a group, paid or not, to give a biased narrative which drowns out the genuine and more accurate shares of the news story that are not biased and pertain to the story that was shared.

Well done Facebook, you really failed to fix your mess, or is it because those posting the propaganda meet the rather liberal leanings of the founder!


WTF! Facebook! You did exactly what we thought you would

Yes, looks like Facebook has decided the best way of dealing with the false flag of Fake News by saying “It’s up to the users to spot fake news and flag it for us”.

Yes, they’ve decided that we, the users, that were so called “swayed” by fake news to be the ones that identify the fake news for them!

The reason they gave was that we are the ones that would notice it more while that goes exactly against the whole theme of people being confused about what is real of fake.

Doesn’t that sound as dumb as can be but we know the real reason, the true reason is that when they looked at the cost of removing the instigators of ‘fake news stories’ and misleading headlines off Facebook they would lose 90% of their total traffic and much of their advertising income into the bargain.

I for one will never trust Facebook, not that I ever have, they were always the instigators of Fake news and they are going to continue instigating that same fake news and blaming everyone else.

There is nothing worse than a sociopath like Mark Zuckerberg who doesn’t give a crap about users all he cares about is his personal agenda both online and in real life.

Expect Twitter to follow suit and Google and Microsoft will equally follow suit.

Let’s face it, it’s the misleading click bait fake news headlines that get them the most money for advertising dollars.


Facebook won the Election for Trump

Donald Trump was smart, very smart!

This may get me chastised by many but it is a very smart man that utilizes social media to pull in voters and convert them than waste money on advertising. He utilized Facebook and while Facebook itself didn’t participate, heck it was blamed for fake news and anti-Trump biasing, it made a great platform for fund raising and Facebook, according to the trump campaign was responsible for the bulk of the fund raising.

It is important to remember that regardless of our political leanings we have to admire anyone that can run a campaign and win against the odds.  He really raised funds on the sly using methods that others wouldn’t use and utilized social media to the extreme in the process.

Most of what he was doing could be called, in hindsight taking into account some of the back tracking he has done in the past few days with reversals of his statements, grandstanding.  He knows how to manipulate people and while many people say he is not a politician he knew how to make blunt statements that were totally unexpected but were designed to impart that tiny seed of doubt about Hillary Clinton.

All you need to do is create the smoke and people will find the fire, even if that fire is not actually there and Donald Trump during the campaign was exceptional at doing so.  Let’s face it, he really learned much of this from Hillary’s failed Presidential nominational campaign in 2008 where she utilized or allowed another’s to utilize the creating of smoke and letting others create a fire to go along with that smoke allowing her to stay ‘clean’.  Many still believe her campaign created the seed that grew into the Barack Obama Birther movement but this has been refuted by many because it was started by one of her supporters, allegedly.

I may not agree with everything that Donald Trump said, I may not agree with everything that any politician says, personally I think they are all narcissistic assholes promoting their own personal agendas while claiming to do it for ‘the people’ and some may claim that the campaign was vicious or dirty but really it wasn’t any worse than any other campaign.  I didn’t weep for Hillary’s failure, I didn’t have a happy dance for Donald’s success, I just, as everyone else should, get on with life and let the politicians get on with making a mess of the country like they have Since before April 19th 1775.

All I know is that I am busy trying to batten down the hatches as the tidal wave of economic collapse that is starting to affect China and has been simmering for several years in the rest of the Western World builds.  If you want an indicator of how bad things are, Long Beach docks are reducing employment levels and business has been slow all year for inward and outward traffic.  It’s in the tea leaves and regardless of who would have been elected the economic collapse is on the cards…