Why #GigabitLTE is just another fraud!

There’s been a lot said by certain easily paid for publications about how great Gigabit LTE will be but they have been paid to promote the interim step in data technology.  A technology that will be, to be blunt, barely adopted or not adopted at all.  Here’s why… First of all, every person that has been using smartphones since 2G remember the fiasco called HSPA+ which was marketed as “As good as LTE”, the same service that turned out to be “Barely faster that than HSPA”.  Yeah we all remember that fiasco.   T-Mobile promised their service would be as … Continue reading Why #GigabitLTE is just another fraud!

Public Service Announcement for iOS Beta

Just a small public service announcement for those running the iOS 11 beta and considering rolling back to iOS 10.3.2 for stability… Don't follow the advice on doing this published by Apple centric blog Imore.com unfortunately their advice to put your phone into iBoot mode and using iTunes to download and install a clean copy of the current stable non-verbal version of iOS 10 will leave you with a phone trapped in iBoot mode. Essentially you have to download beta version of iOS 10 (currently 10.3.3) and force it to use the beta file. Now you can either use the … Continue reading Public Service Announcement for iOS Beta

Tech Journalists have a negative effect on Public Beta Testing of Software

Every year we have the Tech Journalists throw out their template posts about how you shouldn’t beta test and that beta testing only for those that are experienced blah blah blah… …then they go on to produce numerous posts extolling the various features that they are trying out using the “Developer Beta” of an OS or Application but it’s mostly the newer versions of the Apple iOS, macOS and Google Android OS.   They have a set cycle. 1. Tell you not to install the beta’s Yeah, they literally say it’s okay for them but not for you because they … Continue reading Tech Journalists have a negative effect on Public Beta Testing of Software

Solar Energy is a bust

Sorry kids, it just can’t work based on how it stands in 2017! As much as we would all love the situation is that we just cannot, unless we are the elites, or even the lesser elites, say that Solar Power is sustainable. Why is solar power not sustainable? While it seems a no-brainer to say that solar power is a win win situation it may be more of a case of unless you own those solar panels outright and have the luxury of also having a battery storage system that will cover some of the time that there is … Continue reading Solar Energy is a bust

Facebook’s News Feed is still totally broken and biased

After all the uproar during and post Election cycle over fake news and bias in the Facebook News Feeds, months on the problem has seen very little improvement. Sure the problem has “improved” when it comes to the actual news stories but the following happens in more than 90% of occasions. The Link Title Rather than be an accurate link title Facebook will use something that makes someone click on the link for example a story about Barack Obama may very well be titled “Donald Trump” when the story is all about Barack Obama going off somewhere to write his … Continue reading Facebook’s News Feed is still totally broken and biased

Apple Airpods Bluetooth Heaven or Hell

When Apple launched the iPhone 7 they also introduced the Apple Airpods a bluetooth version of their classic earpods that they supply with every iPhone. There has been much said about the Airpods in reviews and some pretty biased sounding reviews.   I recently purchased a set and decided I’d do my own review, no photo’s no bullshit, just factual use. Unpacking After a long wait, almost six weeks from ordering to delivery, they arrived,  the airpods come with it’s own lightning cable but no charger.  This is typical though of the many sets of bluetooth earphones I’ve used over … Continue reading Apple Airpods Bluetooth Heaven or Hell

SHOW ME THE MONEY Apple’s Lockout Class Action case

Today it his the news that Apple is subject to yet another Lawsuit, this time it’s a Class action over Apple not implementing a feature that they patented, specifically a lock-out while driving.  What are the facts about the filing papers and how much salt should we take them with?   The Plaintiff and claim The Plaintiff Julio Ceja of Costa Mesa in Orange County, California says that he was a victim of a female driver who was, according to him, operating her phone while driving and hit the rear of his vehicle.  The basis being that she had the … Continue reading SHOW ME THE MONEY Apple’s Lockout Class Action case