Conservative or Liberal, Who’re the most interactive on Twitter?

An interesting question is, who are the the most interactive, in fact who is most likely to be responsive to another person’s tweet on twitter and what type of person are they?

Having been an ex-liberal I had many followers that were very regressive and as I transitioned from slightly left of center to being far more to the right of center than I was ever to the left I tended to notice a difference in the people I interacted with or didn’t interact with.


Yeah I really need to give a little background to the switch from the Left to the Right.  What drove it and why I transitioned from Liberal to Conservative faster than a Snowflake claiming to be Gender Fluid switching from Male to Female (sorry but it is the best analogy).

Way before the polls even opened, in fact way before the primaries I was getting rather irritated with those that were regressive around me.  They didn’t like that I enjoyed multiple points of view and got even more angry when I wouldn’t report anyone just because they had said something less than nice about a black person or something not nice about a gay person.

In fact I found that the regressive left are really paranoid, they have what I can only call a victim mentality.  They feel that they are the victim.  They also have the need to strange symbols to make themselves feel good.

It really irritated me,  yeah they irritate me rather easily, maybe it’s because I was raised to  pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get on with life and if something is not what you really wanted keep it to yourself and don’t whine or expect Tea and Sympathy to make me feel better.

So the best driver for making people swing to the right is Social Justice Warriors, the Black Lives Matters supporters and the Regressive Liberals that can’t deal with losing.

They couldn’t deal after Donald Trump was elected telling them to “Get Over It and Grow the Fuck Up”, nobody wants to hear that shit or read tweet after tweet.

I received so many direct messages demanding that “I get with the program and protest” to which I simply ignored them and carried on.  I had a mixture of followers and they didn’t like that I followed and was followed by several blatant Conservatives and some that were what they referred to as Alt-Right.

I soon found myself suspended from Twitter and it didn’t matter what I did the reason supplied just kept changing and I gave up trying and started using an account I had been using some code to respond to tweets from people that I followed.  It worked fine until Microsoft did their own version and people started to question the responses.  In fact I still write some of the tweets on that account in the manner of the bot but to keep that anonymity in case I get suspended on that account, it has already been locked by Twitter for pointing out to a regressive sexual deviant that anyone can look up his police record and that his multiple arrests are public domain and his twitter feed is littered with accusations from angry family members of those he abused, stalked, kidnapped.  They  forced me to remove that tweet but not the ones where I listed out the particulars of his arrest record, what gives?

The decision though was simple, when I lost the account with the mixture of Regressive and Conservative followers I decided that it saved me slowly unfollowing and/or blocking the regressive to make the feed from twitter more palatable.

Thinking about interactions

On the suspended account I have nigh on 2000 followers (it dwindled as I upset the regressive for the slightest reason) and there really was very little interaction.

I found the following traits with the Liberal Tweeters,

  • They like to play the follow-unfollow-refollow-unfollow-refollow until you follow them then they will unfollow because they have another follower.
  • Many of them are really attention whores.  They like the attention and build up huge follower bases simply because they want the attention and the ‘likes’ though they would keep their interactions to purely their buddies that were of the same attention seekers.
  • If you upset them, call them on something, they will happily pile on like school bullies and attack you trying desperately to prove how terrible a person you are.
  • They are more likely to hunt down your personal information, search for your employer and then try desperately to have you fired and will happily give out your personal information.
  • They will fall back on calling people a Bigot, White Supremacist, Racist, Bully, while doing the attacking.  In fact they will happily report a person for attacking them when they, the accuser, were the attacker.
  • They get angry if you choose to not follow them, even worse when they find they are blocked, and throw a tantrum getting others that follow you to send DM’s demanding to know why they had been blocked.
  • While they won’t even look at other’s tweet’s or care about them they include their followers in tweets linking to the tweet they want liked determined that you see it and keep doing it until you like it (or as I did, block their attention seeking asses).

So yes, they love the attention and they do get quite angry when you choose to unfollow them,  they will do anything to get a follower and get angry when they lose a follower.

They really do fit the description of Snowflake.  Yes, I mean a sensitive delicate little thing that is very fragile.

They are quite happy to be supportive openly of sexual offenders if it fits their agenda, i.e. they have the same political or social views, in fact I know of a Pederast that gets fawned over by extremely regressive SJW’s simply because he’s a white male that hates white people and despises the police and loves Black People.  In fact they attacked the victim of one of his stalking episodes where he openly published private photo’s that a Black Man that he had a crush on publishing photo’s of the victims children and giving their names out when the victim had kept his family private.  Yet it was the Victim that was attacked by the guys Black Lives Matters cronies when the victim published texts that the Deviant had sent to his phone, a number that the deviant had found using online searches and asking others to get for him and got the blame when the deviant at first claimed his account was hacked following by begging Twitter to delete his account followed by removing his account saying he would never return to twitter.  A week or so later he was back on and immediately started attacking Law enforcement and stalking the same victim.

They do like doing the attacking while they claim they don’t but they are in 9 out 10 cases that I witnessed the attacker who was then backed up by Twitter’s support system who would then suspend the victim when they responded back and referred to the person or person mentioning their background.

In the week or so that I have been focused on my subdued twitter account keeping it filled with content that politically I align with and content producers that enjoy.  My follower base is barely over 1% of the following that I had with the suspended more liberal account but I have found the following about Conservative and right leaning tweeters;

  • They are polite and they make their points based on facts
  • They interact and they don’t go out on an attack chasing someone unless that person deserves the attack
  • I don’t see the ‘white knighting’ or pile-on mentality that occurs with regressive accounts.
  • They are far more friendly
  • They have moral values.
  • They understand that not every view that someone holds can align with your own that these people are not monsters for not agreeing with a particular point.

I could go on with the list.  What I do see is that a few people that blocked me merely for being tweeted into a pile on,  I would find myself blocked before I had even seen this “pile-on” attacking and seeing their tweets and interactions they are not the attacker that regressive had claimed they simply had a point of view that differed from that of the SJW’s or Black Lives Matters and that the victim had merely blocked everyone that mentioned or pulled into this pile on even if they had not interacted or barely reacted.

Conservatives tend to focus on themselves and keep out of the whole thing.  I rarely see them make an attack on another twitter user and tend to be of an opinion that you can separate real life from twitter life, that these are two separate entities and people have a right to their private lives.

What do I take from these observations

The biggest item of note is that the identity of the aggressive party on Twitter is actually the ones claiming to be victims, the Liberal, Regressive, Social Justice Warrior.

The next item of note is that the Left are not Victims, they conspire against those they don’t agree with and will happily take awake a person’s income source as a way of hurting a person that they don’t like or they feel slighted by.

The last is that the Right and the Alt-Right are getting blamed for much of the attacks and for being things that they are not and the press and Left are happy to push this agenda.

Out of the two ends of the political spectrum it seems that the Left are the most hate filled.

I’ve also found comparing the two that the Conservative twitter users are more likely to “like” someone’s reply, they are more likely to interact with someone reply to a tweet and they politer and they base their argument more factually than the Liberal side who tend to be more “me, me, me” in their attitude looking for self gratification and attention from others, I would say that the best description is that they are “needy”.



WTF! Facebook! You did exactly what we thought you would

Yes, looks like Facebook has decided the best way of dealing with the false flag of Fake News by saying “It’s up to the users to spot fake news and flag it for us”.

Yes, they’ve decided that we, the users, that were so called “swayed” by fake news to be the ones that identify the fake news for them!

The reason they gave was that we are the ones that would notice it more while that goes exactly against the whole theme of people being confused about what is real of fake.

Doesn’t that sound as dumb as can be but we know the real reason, the true reason is that when they looked at the cost of removing the instigators of ‘fake news stories’ and misleading headlines off Facebook they would lose 90% of their total traffic and much of their advertising income into the bargain.

I for one will never trust Facebook, not that I ever have, they were always the instigators of Fake news and they are going to continue instigating that same fake news and blaming everyone else.

There is nothing worse than a sociopath like Mark Zuckerberg who doesn’t give a crap about users all he cares about is his personal agenda both online and in real life.

Expect Twitter to follow suit and Google and Microsoft will equally follow suit.

Let’s face it, it’s the misleading click bait fake news headlines that get them the most money for advertising dollars.


Highlights from Tech: Samsung Just Give up. Google go their own way. Hangouts Get hung out

For once I thought I’d have a major focus on notable non-Apple Stories during the past week.

Microsoft dumps their own blogging platform and moves to WordPress…

…Yes, unbelieavably Microsoft have decided that they don’t need a proprietary blogging platform and shunted 10,000, no 20,000, or whatever guessed number of accounts were on Microsoft’s CMS, blogs over to wordpress.  I presume they managed the migration was automatic and seems that most of these blogs belong to ‘professional’ businesses like law firms.  
Maybe Microsoft are realizing that they are not that great at software, as a software company.
Talking of Microsoft and Software…
…That surprised the world, after decades Microsoft finally update that free drawing software they include with Windows, the first signification and quite possibly the first ever update of Paint.
Google moving away from the soiled diaper called Android and slipping into a fresh clean Andromeda…

…Yes, I’ve said this before but now instead of me telling my two reader real blogs have started to come to the same conclusion though one of them backed down to the pressure of those losers at Google and removed their article, I won’t I refuse to bow down to the pressure one any arsehole.
Talking of dumping,  Hangouts is orphaned as a failure…

Yes, totally expected, another app that Google pushed on people has now been orphaned and is no longer a required app for Android, it just didn’t get liked at the start of life and Google decided to write a new app to replace it that can suck data from you in a better way.
Google launch their own Handset, I got it wrong about the Jack or had they panicked…

…Google entered the phone handset market by dumping their high specification low priced Nexus line and put a focus on a high end phone line under the Pixel name.  It’s priced as high as the iPhone line, these days though in comparison seems overpriced with the 128 GB Pixel Plus being more closely priced iPhone 7 Plus 256GB model.
Expect it to get an upgrade to Andromeda pretty damn soon though and Google have signaled that many features that are on the Pixel phones will not show up in Android on other devices any time soon which again gives credence to the deprecation of Android to just AOSP for other handset makers and Andromeda being for Google’s own product range only.
Expect also Chrome OS to go the same way with Andromeda being a be all OS for all Google Products freeing them from Antitrust issues by allowing users to choose Google services and apps themselves including installing Google’s App store for Android.
Twitter, it’s in the shitter and the outlook is getting shittier…

…okay, I couldn’t help it, I’ve wanted to use that again since I tweeted a link to an article about twitter.   Let’s face it, the outlook is bleak for Twitter.   They’ve allowed political correctness and bowing to tantrum crybaby minor celebrities who can’t learn to ignore people.  I ignore people all the time, literally.   An old lady taught me how to do it with people in person and it translates well to other situations, just switch off to the bullshit.  Instead they stomp their feet and then get their followers to stir up a storm and mass report.  A typical snowflake move.   
Twitter was once the bastion of freedom of speech but lately it’s turned into another sewer of idiocy and trantrums when they don’t get their way or someone has an opinion that they don’t like they go out of their way to target and remove that opposing opinion, claiming they are doing it because of ‘Twitter Rules’ when their actions of mass targeting and harassment and going after that person.   In fact the latest victim of this, a conservative or was, admitted crass and not a nice person, specifically targeted and then harassed and then mass reported and then one of the group boasted about how they had ‘made this person gone’.  Yet within minutes was talking about their own right to freedom of speech.
Unless Twitter treats ever user in an egalitarian manner either crack down on every single user that harasses another or makes derogatory comments or veiled threats & those that jump onto the bandwagon and suspend everyone of these people or permanently ban them Twitter will continue to decline.  
There are alternatives out there and people are moving to them, for example
So yeah, Twitter has screwed themselves over and all the potential buyers out there know that and feel that it is always going to fail and who is to blame? Twitter is, Jack Dorsey is!
Well enough about that.
Oh Dear Google’s search bias…

We’ve all heard about the claims of Google bias but, (and I don’t normally link to a story), Over Achiever did a piece that adds credence to this with product bias.
Can we presume from this that Google are deliberately biasing search for many other things?  I suspect so.
Google wants to eradicate all personal privacy…

According to TechCrunch & Natasha Lomas, Google really don’t want us to have any privacy, they want to erode any we have left in the name of truly personal service it wan’ts to embed and monitor our daily lives completely from what we do around the house ‘offline’ to what we say and everything that occurs online.
I agreed with Ms Lomas, This is NOT OKAY.
And with that…

…yeah it’s shorter than last week but it really has been quiet with most of the noise online being repeating of the same story continually and I’ve been out of town didn’t have time.  So for last week we close the book on the bullshit, thank you to my two regular subscribers, or is that three by now, who cares.

Remember that most opinions are my dementia filled ravings and shouldn’t be taken as gospel but we all have to remember that if you say something enough on social media or online then others will start to believe it and report it as if it is factual, exactly what happens with Analysts, moral of this story, as always, never trust an Analyst they’re full of shit.  

Twitter had issues or is it a form of user silencing?

A friend on Twitter suffered a sudden issue, he was tweeting and retweeting and messaging but nobody seemed to respond.  We tested and sure enough never received a response even though he was replying to the tweets and messages.

24 hours later to the minute suddenly everything started working again.
At first I throught the issue was with me, but he used another account he had and it worked fine.  I thought there was a problem at my end so I signed out of everything signed back in and even uninstalled and reinstalled the twitter apps.  Alas, to no avail, he was silent while others appeared in the notifications.
Hmm.   I tried switching on notifications for all his activity and nothing,  not even email notifications, we even tried unfollowing and re following each other, still nothing except for a very occasional iOS notification but again nothing in the “twitter notifications”.
Then suddenly it started working again.
What do we assume from this?
Is twitter shadow censoring users that tweet something not quite correct politically.  He had tweeted some colorful statements about a politician shortly before he was silenced.
How often is this happening?
I know that when I tweeted something that didn’t make a Bernie Sanders supporter happy she had her followers carry out a concerted reporting and I was stopped from using Twitter for 12 hours.  When someone asked why I hadn’t responded to their tweets I told them about the situation, didn’t mention the person in question that I had offended and was immediately put on another 12 hour time out.
Is it not any a stretch to presume that they can do a similar thing but allow someone to use twitter but make it harder for interaction to take place, make them feel that everyone else is ignoring them?

What happened to Twitter?
Remember how many times twitter proclaimed themselves as the social network see to be the last bastion of “freedom of speech” across the world, remember how twitter was used for many civil uprisings. Yet now they seem to be last bastion of censorship and suppression of speech.
They have been seen regularly to silence those that don’t fit the views of members of the Twitter Executive by banning them permanently.  Muting others and suspending many others.

It feels like Twitter is now circling the drain, I am sure that I am not alone in this opinion.  I am also sure that I am not alone in nurturing an account on where freedom of speech comes before political or commercial pressures.
There are others, the failure of Ello for example, adopted by the likes of Mike Elgan and other tech journalism luvvies, which promptly made it a toxic social media and it quickly became marginalized.  Google Plus, again, made toxic simply by its association with Google and quickly rotting from within, cannibalized by Google as they see fit because it is not social, it’s really a ‘look at me’ for a select few but otherwise it’s not social unless you are willing to brown nose that select few.
I think I’ll stick with,  they also have an app for smartphones.

Last Week’s Techs Tickles, Apple, Google, Lenovo & Twitter…

Are Google moving away from the Chromecast name?

Rumors about that Google are looking to rebrand their Chromecast devices to something else rather than associate itself with Chrome.  After all it makes sense.  If app’s can take advantage of Chromecast then the connection with the browser becomes rather flimsy.   I suspect it will be renamed Googlecast.

Apple’s iOS is 2500 times more hackable.

Is it,  I’d say that just because a security researcher can use their software to attempt to access a local backup and then try a password 2500 times faster than it could under iOS 9 doesn’t really make it any more hackable,  sure it can do it quicker but it’s still only as hackable as the it is to actually be in the same room with an unlocked Mac.  Never mind, Apple will close the issue now they are aware of it.

Consumer Reports: Apple iPhone 7 does take better photo’s and survives under water…

Nice to know that Apple didn’t tell any whoppers.  It was only to be expected that they would, Apple’s focus has been on improving photography for years.   I haven’t noticed much of a different between iterations since the 5, just better resolution but I am a lazy picture taker,  if it looks remotely okay then it’s all good to me.

As for water resistance,  I’m sure it is but I wouldn’t expect it to be perfect forever and wouldn’t want to rely on it remaining waterproof,  I’d still buy a decent housing for underwater use if you intend to do so.

Yeah, we already guessed it, Apple Are not buying Mclaren.

The moron that wrote that must be feeling like a right dickhead.  Everyone else laughed their arses off.   

People are idiots, they drill holes in their iPhone 7’s thinking they are putting a 3.5mm headphone jack in place

I wrote about this earlier and yet people are still idiots!  They see youtube video’s of iPhones being fast charged in microwave oven’s and zap their iPhones and go and do it and are stunned when their phone dies.  Now they see someone drill a hole in the new iPhone 7 to give it a headphone jack and off to their workshop they go to drill a hole in their iPhone and then are stunned when it ruins their phone.  There are a lot of stupids out there and they tend to believe bull shit.  I’m sure that if they were told that stepping off a balcony with your eyes closed will not result in injury or death they would all go and do it.

I still suggest that you just get a sticky black dot from Staples and use that.

Researchers have discovered that it Apple triple their cost of production when they charge you for the iPhone, horrors!

Yeah, every iPhone or any other Apple product release the same old ‘research’ is done.  Yes Apple do charge you roughly triple the cost of manufacturing for the iPhone, iPad etc.  It’s not a hidden secret.

Interestingly any design engineer suggests a similar formula for devising retail price of a product they develop.   The estimates also don’t take into account the man hours involved in getting a working system.  True it becomes easier after so many iterations but it is still an expensive initial cost and we don’t know how many times they went back to the start.   Remember Steve Jobs made the engineering team source a glass phone face before the first iPhone went on sale.  I wonder how many times since Apple have changed their design and discarded components or a design at the last minute?

Apple Patents a paper bag

The tech press was ablaze with Apple’s patent of a paper bag design.  To be honest this probably not the first time or the last time that they will patent something like this.  They patented the plant pots used in one of the Apple Stores after all.  I’m sure there are many things that are patented that the press don’t notice.

If you thought it was too soon for rumors about the iPhone 8 then you were wrong.

They’re already starting.  Strange that they would jump to the iPhone 8.  I’m sure that people would be more satisfied with their devices if the tech didn’t revolve around dumb rumors and gossip made by Analysts designed to sway stock prices.   We can all make up rumors,  I’ll give you one to start:

The iPhone 8 will be totally made of glass, will have subdermal implants wired direct into the head for sound and not only will it have wireless charging but it will charge as you walk using the static build up your body creates to charge.

Woohoo I’m all excited now for the iPhone 8,  boy will I be disappointed next year when the iPhone 7S is launched and it’s missing those features,  I was all ready to sign the consent form for the surgery.

Photo’s are leaked of Google’s Pixel Phone

Yeah, don’t worry, if you were hoping for a headphone jack it is very likely that the Google Pixel will also be ‘sans-headphone jack’.  In fact it is very likely that the Moto-Z was a hopeful design Lenovo & Moto (Motorola) had hoped would be picked for the Pixel design instead of HTC’s and no headphone jack was part of the specification.

It seems, if the photo’s are anything to go by, as unadventurous as the iPhone 7 has been proclaimed by the denigrators.

Talking of Lenovo & Moto…

Sadly it seems that Lenovo are laying off Moto employee’s adding further credence to the rumor that they were relying on being picked as the manufacturer of the Google Pixel phone.   I have fond memories of Motorola and it will be a shame if it is sidelined into a brand name of the past.

Google Launched Allo, privacy advocates gasped…

Yeah, seems it logs everything you do with it.  I suppose it is part and parcel of the AI learning process but for those that desire privacy it seems it may just be another way of Google slurping up the data about you are a user.

Twitter… It’s in the Shitter…

Looks like Twitter is circling the drain.  It never got to grips with creating a stable growth and it’s pandering to SJW’s and Feminists has caused it as much harm.  This, compounded with the falsifying or growth data to make things look much better than they were has really damaged the company.  The company is looking for a buyer, many have been thrown out there but the latest, Disney, has caused a temporary surge in the stock price unfortunately if it turns out that it is another red herring then we can expect decline in the price.

Google’s Chrome-Android Hybrid/Chymera OS may be a step closer

It’s being called Andromeda, is this after the science fiction virus “The Andromeda Strain”?  Are they implying that it is going to be out of this world?  Are they trying to distance it a little in character from Chrome and Android,  I suspect they are and they are planning to make it specifically designed for Google’s Pixel range of laptop/notebook/tablet and phone devices, a way that they can control the whole process in a similar way to Apple except they continue to request tenders/designs from various manufacturers for the hardware but keep a tighter control on the OS and it’s design by keeping it closed but also backwards compatible with both Android and Chrome OS’s that are available for other companies.

Who knows, who really cares, I don’t.

Drones are so last year…

Everyone expected so much from drones but now it seems that we were just too hopeful and the bad press with idiots, utter wankers, flying where they were told not to fly and people getting bored with them in general.  Sure they are great if you have a specific use case but for many it’s boring after the first five minutes.

These will, like the model aircraft business become far more a niche business with a few big vendors doing all the sales and people that make their own from scratch.

And with that, just like drones, this is so Sunday on a Monday and so yesterday and with that until I can stir that little pot a bit, au revoir…