Off Topic: the story of a Lady and the not very nice way she was treated by one or two

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady and her daughter. Here’s a story of how extremism in politics can hurt the innocent.

I won’t use any names, I can’t and wouldn’t put them in a position of discomfort by naming them.

She was visiting the area to make some cash by emptying and selling off the treasures from her storage unit.

The dear lady didn’t have finances after having cancer to Jeep paying for her storage. She had no one (willing) to watch her kids while she came from Seattle so she had to being her kids so they both came with her and she stayed with friends.

Her son stayed home while the daughter came with her to help. Sell her “no long worth doing business”.

They were selling in the space next to the one I keep. They’re trailer was longer than the space so I talked to my friends neighboring me and we all have an inch to let her open the doors to her trailer, we knew it was possible for us to make a little space for them.

The hitch of the trailer was about an inch over the imaginary boundary and she was concerned. I said, “Don’t worry, the show organizer said you were in the space on that side”.

Those on the other side of her arrived, unlike previous months they didn’t throw a hissy fit, they just glared. I guess that they realized that the trailer wasn’t moving anywhere but it didn’t stop them making the woman’s life hell. she was called a white supremacist, followed by calling me a white supremacist. Trouble was the Lady’s daughter is mixed race, the daughter just stood open mouthed.

I told her to ignore them, they call everyone that on a regular basis and I’ve been called it many times. She said, “I’m just shocked, my daughter is mixed raced, and you are helping both of us unload our bigger items”.

“That doesn’t matter to some people, they use tags because it hides their own racial prejudices”. I told her that I would help her get her trailer loaded back up before I left for home.

The final act of pure nastiness was that the Man and Woman that had been so abusive piled up all their packed inventory up as a wall to make it impossible for the Woman to hitch up her trailer until they were good and ready. There is nothing worse than a person being petty.

I was brought up to be helpful and kind to others but damn it, I was so angry about the way this woman and her daughter were being treated. Nobody should be treated like dirt and this man and woman have been abusive to others for months on end. That show space is an open space, It is one I used to pay for that was surplus to my needs and the show operators leave it open as a “will call” space hoping that I take it back on (no chance of that, I’m planning on quitting altogether). Every month this couple has been full of venom and hatred.


Tech Media continue to play “Cover Ya Ass” as they now align with my opinion that the iPhone SE is being discontinued…

A few weeks ago I came to the conclusion that the iPhone 6S is the new iPhone SE and may end up being rebadged as the SE with a processor bump to improve performance.

That was back when all the Tech outlets were screeching that Apple was bringing out an all singing all dancing iPhone SE which made me smirk.I came to this conclusion when iPhone 6S production was being started in India where the iPhone SE was being manufactured. The number of people that feel that the iPhone SE is the perfect size has shrunk to insignificance. Why would Apple invest in producing a phone that is marginalized and even at it’s low price struggles to compete with Android rivals that have similar sized displays.It is also time to justify various small contracts and these days production of the metal cases for the iPhone SE are tiny in comparison to the days of the iPhone 5 and 5S and more and the iPhone SE was released purely to cater for stragglers that didn’t want to jump to the iPhone 6 with it’s (albeit only slightly larger) screen size.Just as they shuffled customers along towards the lightning connector and away from the 30 pin connector they have are about to shuffle those stragglers towards a phone that has a larger screen.The will be the same people that had tantrums over every little change shuffling along griping that they have tiny hands and can’t hold a phone larger than an iPhone SE.It’s a fact of life that phone designs finally expire and it is time for the iPhone SE to be a memory. One day we will all reminisce of that one time that Apple catered for those that said that their latest model was too damn big for their Barbie Dolls sized hands. Then we will chuckle and laugh.Meanwhile there will still be a model that is being produced that caters for the stragglers that refuse to accept that there is no real need for a 3.5mm headphone jack these days (though it seems Android makers that have dumped the connector are struggling to make a dongle that gives a working 3.5mm headphone jack. Hey, maybe there is a good reason for the Apple Lightning connector instead of the USB C connector?It will give a lower priced model that will cater for the holdouts in developed countries (or those that desire to have a cheaper iPhone that is new rather than a used refurbished model) and one that will open up access to those in developing countries with a screen that is a little better than the iPhone SE and by transferring production of what will quickly become the device that will become the “iPhone SE Straggler Edition” updated model.So yeah, the Tech Media is now covering their asses after all their rumor mongering and regurgitating of wild guesses by the growingly incompetent Analysts.My system is simple, it’s not what Apple says, it’s what they do and what they don’t say that is important. When they make a statement what they omit to say is sometimes far more impressive than what they actually said.Maybe if the Tech Press took the time to actually analyze what is not being said, what Apple dance around so that they don’t have to say, and what they do with production of a device.Apple need a replacement for the iPhone SE to comply with their agreement with the Indian Government to manufacture an iPhone in the subcontinent and they still need a Straggler Edition phone for those that can’t adapt…

May the Betting of Hedges begin as Analysts and Tech Journalists scrabble to cover their Apple tainted asses…

Yes, we are getting close to the launch of the next generation of Apple iPhone’s and along with that we have all the Analysts and Tech Journalists starting to play “Cover My Ass” as they blur the line between their previous reports and what is starting to look evident and even coming out with some of the wildest reasons too!

The perfect example of this is Danny Paez over at Inverse who, based on the statements made by a phone case maker who “leveraged” the supply change, have declared that the “budget” iphone will dump a second camera to cut costs and will according to Paez “be the first iPhone since the iPhone SE to only one camera”.The trouble with his reasoning is that the iPhone 6S, 7 and 8 all have single camera models. It’s only the PLUS models and the X that have dual cameras on the rear.The saving is not enough to justify their rumored pricing. Sorry kids, but a camera module is not going to be enough to share close to $300 or more off the retail price. A switch to LCD is not going to do it either. The device is going to have to have less advanced hardware to compensate let’s look at the savings that would help cut the “component costs”.1. Single CameraYes, it would have to reduce the manufacturing cost and a single camera shaves a tiny bit off manufacturing and component costs.2. Display ScreenVery likely this model will have a cheaper LCD Screen, it will not have the 3D Touch functionality and it will, while remaining a Retina display, be a lower over all resolution than it’s more expensive premium counterparts.3 MemoryIt will possibly come with just 64GB and 128GB models, it may even come with a 32GB or 64 GB options instead to cut the cost.4 ProcessorExpect it to use “yesterday’s” processor. The cost of production and development is already covered but will save purely on it now being a cheaper processor.5 Wireless ChargingWith a massively lower pricing for the phone the design has to be simplified to make assembly cheaper, the way the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X were designed it makes repair or replacement of many components expensive. It’s $580 if the rear glass breaks on your iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus. People buying a discount phone don’t want to be in that position and the easiest thing for Apple is to use the 6S Plus back case, use all Aluminum and don’t include an option that is not used as often as the Tech Press would like. Sure there are those out there that love wireless charging but it’s merely a solution for a problem that very few people really have. It merely solves an issue of convenience.Remember that any cheaper device will make use of the designs for products that Apple already has, they already have the milling machines and with minor change to the coding for the machine could mill an aluminum body.Of course we have to remember it is important for us to bear in mind that this lower priced product may be designed specifically for emerging markets where a large low priced device is desirable and at the moment the Chinese makers are taking over the whole market place.This morning I was waiting for my vehicle to be serviced and a punctured tire being repaired and someone else waiting had a phone that looked really nice. I asked him about it and he said that it only cost him $300. It was one of those cheaper Chinese phones, he said that he bought it while visiting family down in the south which I presume was anywhere south of our border since he spoke in a fairly heavy accented English.It was as nice as the iPhone.In fact if the iPhone were to receive a model for sale in developed countries that is much cheaper with a larger screen don’t you think that it would ruin the ideology that chances are a person with an iPhone is a Wealthy person.

Up For Sale, Gawker Media properties being dumped by Univision.

Didn’t take Univision long to decide that all the brands purchased by them from the bankrupt Gawker Media was a bad idea.

There are several theories but it seems that people associate these brands with extreme left politics and while the employees may be far left the people that tend to frequent them are more center or center right leaning. Having articles filled with political rhetoric and bias towards one ideal or another is frustrating. In fact Gizmodo is regularly no longer a generally tech oriented media and the articles are extremist and full of hate that has no relationship with normal people. Tom McKay would regular write some awful things and I finally chose to not read anything he writes because regardless of the subject he would end up full of hate and vitriol towards those on the right or Donald Trump. Literally the most innocuous of subjects resulted in a tirade. I’m very much in the middle I have not sides and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I voted Democrat and it is distasteful. I’m not alone. I don’t want to feel like I’m a monster for have a political opinion that is to the right of Stalin or Mao.Worse still the hate campaigns against center leaning journalists that call them out results in an attack from the media itself. These far left individuals don’t realize they are the ones hurting the companies they work for and don’t realize they are hurting themselves. Keep your political opinions to yourself. Focus on writing factual articles and don’t treat your fellow citizens as if they are criminals for not being far left.

Sorry but owning an iPhone Doesn’t make Your wealthy, it makes it poor…

Mashable published an article written by Jack Morse saying that if you own an iPhone your probably rich somehow I feel there is bias in the research.

Until recently the iPhone was really not an expensive device to purchase outright. In fact until carriers stopped subsidizing the handsets it was just a preference for many.I know a great number of iPhone users that don’t have wealth myself included. What I do find is that the there are a greater number of overtly wealthy people that choose to have an iPhone because they see it as a status symbol but they are still not a majority.In fact National Bureau of Economic Research is merely an entity that makes analysis of how things trend but I’m not willing, since being a non-wealthy iPhone X owner, to pay $5 for the privilege of reading their drive.Jack Morse does a great job of passing on how purile and inane the study really is. For example he states that in 1992 the status symbol that identified Wealth was using “Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard” and even then it was only 62% indicative. Hmm, that means that in 38% of the time it was absolutely wrong. That’s not a good accuracy rating and hardly a trend.So now it’s 69% of iPhone users are wealthy. There accuracy is barely accurate at all. A study that was wrong almost 1/3 of the time simply gives a poor accuracy result. It seems in 2016 it was the iPad?! That gave them a 69% accuracy rating.The whole paper is drivel! It’s like you or me making a guess about anything. You may think that with two options that at least half the time they would get something right 50% of the time but people tend to make a correct guess a little more than half, usually between 60 and 70% of the time. If you were given a quiz that questions with a YES and NO option and you had to make guesses as to the answer you will tend to over 50% correct. In fact it’s equally biased because the writers are making a guess and some of those they interview are obviously wealthy and merely choose to make a correct answer.You know when it’s slow news day when they use a shitty paper that most people would never wipe their ass with it let alone pay to view it and then accept that the results are equally accurate when the study actually says they made a guess and sorry, when someone is “making a guess” based on them owning or using a particular produce does not make it a Scientific study, it still only based on guesses and standard averages. In every one of the examples he quoted the percentage of “correct” guesses was well within the standard 60-70% range.All this stupid study emphasizes is that their guesses were merely normal averages for correct guesses and sorry but I’ve been accurate with predictions on a similar percentage rate, or in fact in some occasions I’ve been accurate and more accurate even when Apple doesn’t mention in their speech or press release until much later that the 60-70% average and many times I base my predictions on what Apple executives say or don’t say but it doesn’t make me putting it down in text any less of a load of guesses and that’s what the Bertrand & Kamerica’s study.Even Morse declares that it merely proves that if you stood there pointing at Tom Dick and Harry and claim they are wealthy you will be correct on two of the occasions and wrong on the other. Never mind, a slow news weekend simply brings a terrible study paper to the foreground.Meanwhile, they charge you $5 for the privilege or reading drivel. Nah, I won’t part with money to read purile drivel but maybe I should charge $5 every time I make a wild guess about Apple or another company (yeah, Microsoft did dump that awful idea of a folding screen tablet).I’ll take that $5 per read any day…

The Folding iPhone won’t come any time soon says Cult of Mac’s Ed Hardy…

…Yet another “No Shitting Sherlock” moment from the Tech Press.

Yes Ed Hardy of Cult of Mac wrote an article proclaiming that the folding iPhone is a long long long way off and yet, you are guaranteed that someone will declare how they can’t wait to have an awful product in their hands.It is a factual article, it’s true there is going to be a long long long long wait for such a product and you know why, you do, you really do know why?!

It’s an awful idea!

The days of flip phones are long gone. Having a device that doubles in thickness in your pocket is a terrible idea. Splitting the screen is a terrible idea.Can you imagine the dipshits that stick their phone in their back pocket and break the phone because they sat on it? Can you imagine the people that slammed their flip phones slamming two glass panels together in anger or crushing them together with their fat asses!Worse still, many of remember when our flip phones started to have issues where it hinges and I don’t care how much you try and say that Apple will design it better there is no way on early I want a phone that flops open because it’s not secure.

Apple will wait and see what others do and see if they can improve on it!

You all know what Apple would rather do, see what others do, in fact you know that rivals like Samsung will be desperately getting a product to market so they are the first. Microsoft are rumored to be doing a folding tablet too. Any bets that they decide that it is a horrible idea once they look at the designs and see the big flaws.

Much of the technology is already around, all we need is uh, folding glass….

Yeah, we have folding LCD’s, probably have the ability to produce folding capacitive panels but you know what is needed, flexible glass. I’m sure there are some graphic designers making their idea of perfection. I’m sure you remember the claims of a flexible iPhone years ago based on the wet dream of a graphics designer or art student that implied that the iPhone would be like a large bracelet on people’s wrist. That’s the type of idiocy we will see again followed by tech writers all masturbating to the image and drooling and saying they can’t wait to get one.You think they don’t? All these mainstream tech blogs and their writers do it, they get excited by awful impressions of a phone design followed by the “I can’t wait to get my hands on one”.No manufacturer is going to go back to using a flexible clear plastic like they used on old flip phones and the messing about with separating parts of the circuitry between two half pieces, the points of failure rise dramatically.

Cold Dead Hands…

Literally I will never ever touch a folding smartphone product. Attempts previously failed, I think that any future attempts will fail and more importantly I think that all these rumors are the wet dreams of tech bloggers desperate for something to write in a slow news cycle.Either way, they will have to rip a phablet style smartphone out of my cold dead hands…

Please Phone Makers, Abandon those awful Glass backs!

If there was ever a design material that I have hated it is Glass! The iPhone 4 and 4S had issues with overheating thanks to the glass back. It’s a great insulator in all the bad ways. Now Glass has made a return and it’s ruining great devices.

Sure glass looks pretty, it gives a nice glossy back. The iPhone 4 seemed like a groundbreaking device with it’s glass front and back but it came with an issue. Overheating was an issue and along with it came a host of issues!The iPhone 4 would overheat if it got too hot. It was an awful problem that drove those that owned it to distraction if we happened to be in one of those regions like Southern California Desert and other desert states during the summer.It would get too hot and then that warning would blink on the screen until it cooled down enough. I used to put an ice pack in a dish towel and sit the phone on it until it cooled down.Along comes the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X and we are back to that awful design material and along with it even more issues.The glass is thinner so you feel the heat building up in the device and if the sun happens to hit the rear of the device it’s horrific. The overheat warning occurs quicker.This morning for example, it was 25 degrees Celsius before the sun was up, Tomorrow morning they expect it to be 28-29 degrees Celsius before the sun comes over the mountain. Yesterday it was 42 degrees Celsius in the shade and today they expect it to be 46 degrees Celsius in the shade.During the cold miserable winter months the iPhone X I own suffered numerous overheats where it shut itself down. That was when it was cold. Now what a shock when my iPhone started the day just as the sun glimpsed over the mountain with an “Overheat” warning and shut itself down. On went the Air condition in the truck and the phone was chilling out against the vent cooling down.Multiple times this morning (it’s 10.10am) the same issue has occurred.This problem of overheating vanished with the iPhone 5,6,7 series with their aluminum chassis and backs and sadly has returned with the iPhone 8 and X series.I would happily forego glass in preference to a plastic back since they want to pursue wireless charging.Other makers are falling foul of the glass back and overheat issues too, a family member with a Samsung Galaxy S8 has said her device won’t charge when it gets too hot too.The trouble is that it’s not about the failure to charge but the issues with it shutting down at the most unfortunate moments. Let’s face it. The iPhone X I own has shut down when I really needed it, others with devices of various makes with glass backs say they have this issue too though it is mitigated if they happen to be located in cooler climates.Not to mention that we tend to purchase protective cases because the glass backs make them prone to breaking if dropped and a $580 bill from Apple for a repair makes it as cheap to purchase a new phone from an alternative maker.Somehow I think we are stuck with Glass backs on iPhones for the foreseeable future as they continue to treat plastic as an inferior design product.