YouTube & their CEO Susan Wojcicki double down on stupidity

After weeks of turmoil culminating in the loss of numerous big advertisers YouTube make another insane decision

Yeah, a smart business wanting to get back their advertisers doesn’t announce to remaining advertisers that the fees for advertising on their site was being increased.

Obviously Susan Wojcicki doesn’t have smarts or feels that those advertisers that didn’t cancel their advertising on YouTube should be punished and expected to take up the financial slack left by those that found their advertising both before during and after child abuse videos as well as around the comments made by obvious oedophiles on YouTube.

What is her plan, has she been told that she has to make up for these lost advertisers or is this part of YouTube’s plan to transition to a paid only platform by eradicating advertisers and thus the revenue stream for creators.

Could we see YouTube position itself as a content delivery platform charging creators for use of the platform and moving the onus for advertising and revenue generation into the creators making them the bad guy when they start putting up paywalls or using pay per view for their own content.

Let’s face it, many have already started making the transition to this led by the likes of Steven Crowder who has the production business supported by a “Club” which generates the revenue along with themed products and shirts.

Should we expect others to do this? Advertising revenue for creators has dwindled and we can expect that over the coming months that YouTube will revise the monetizing agreements to give even less of a revenue stream pushing them towards finding new ways to support their channel and make it even harder for new creators to get monetization.

Good luck to creators that have monetization I truly believe you’re gonna need it or find ways of maybe funding the channels costs and look at a future where you are paying YouTube for the privilege of being on their Content Delivery Network.

In the meantime it might be worth looking at Amazon who have a similar lesser known service Amazon Video Direct .


Will Youtube Ever Clean Up Its Act?

Or will Youtube continue to be the place that degenerates go for child abuse video’s?

Yeah, it seems that Youtube didn’t actually remove much more than an insignificant fraction of the only child abuse video’s that they host, the majority of the video’s that were available before the crackdown remain on the content delivery platform. Sure they made it so that comments couldn’t be made by the deviants but the video’s are still present for the viewing pleasure of pedophiles and those sickos that revel in the beating and abuse children for mental or sexual kicks.

Does it surprise me any?

Not in the least! Let’s face it they happily allow people to rip content direct from cable operators stick their own thumbprints onto the video, even say that the content is from a particular TV channel and Youtube happily lets them add monetization and make money from another persons work. They’ll even put up “live streams” of content with advertising inserted and are allowed to get away with it.

Why would Youtube care that there is child abuse video’s, as long as they can boast that X number of hours of video is uploaded. It is not curated, and the only voice they listen to is that of advertisers.

When I complained to Youtube about the lack of balance in the way they handle complaints and that they don’t even have an easy way of truly reporting abuses as a third party.

Their response was that a user can report it using the report button, not a hope, the pages it sends a user to crashes. It was impossible to report a video THEY RECOMMENDED and placed in my feed and was literally a guy beating a child that was, allegedly his child.

Similarly after they continually recommended lifted shows that were badly cropped to try and hide their source and pixelated because it was re-encoded as 1080p from 480p and then uploaded as high definition. You could hear the announcement for the Channel 4 show coming up next and it was unwatchable but Youtube not only approved the user to allow the upload of video longer than 15 minutes but then had put monetization onto the stolen content.

It is not that I am angry on behalf of the TV channels and the production companies making content for them but when some creators on YouTube use the reporting system to report what is blatantly “Fair Use” under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to silence those that have been critical of them, yes, Leo Laporte and TWiT.TV that is directed at you and your abused practices, while Youtube are happily monetizing what is blatant content theft and ignoring the fact that the content is stolen and ignoring reports.

For a business that has never made one red cent in profit Youtube certainly doesn’t live in the land of reality and doesn’t care about genuinely policing their site properly. Youtube is a company that, if Google tried to offload it and sell it would never recoup the money invested in it by them let alone recoup the money they originally paid for this loss making entity and it makes a loss because it is poorly operated, poorly policed and obviously poorly managed weighed down with content where they are acting as servers for stolen content.

YouTube’s last best chance is their overpriced TV packages and sadly it’s falling flat on its face.

The iPhone is all grown up and so maybe its naming system needs to show maturity.

As the iPhone rolls through its tenth anniversary its maybe time that its naming system grew up and Apple stopped the inane numbering of iPhones which was nonsensical anyway with the addition of an S every second year.

We don’t see the MacBook etc bring numbered we simply refer to it as a MacBook and the year it was launched for example the 2016 MacBook Pro. Even the overpriced MacBook that is in its 2nd Generation is called just the MacBook and the launch year for the model.

The iPad and iPhone and even the Apple TV etc are at that same stage where a numbering of the generation is dumb.

Apple started it and Android makers do the same, the trouble is we have seen that the iPhone X and iPhone SE have proven is that a number after the name means nothing.

Now if next year we have the iPhone SE, iPhone and iPhone Plus with maybe an iPhone X and the numbers were dumped the phones would still sell, the following year those updated models would sell equally well simply reffing to them as the 2018 and 2019 iPhone models just like we do with MacBooks and other products.

I’m sure there are the “device snobs” that see that number as being a differentiator that they need to say “I have the new model” not realizing that nobody really gives a “Fuck” other than them. Yeah I’m talking to the Tech Journalists that keep Spazzing out over little things Apple changes like the headphone jack that has now become barely an issue outside of the Tech Journalism circles.

Either way I’ll be happy to not have to remember which number is the latest model number and just have to remember the model year which is far simpler.

Just think how confusing this could be if car companies did this dumb fuck numbering of generations for cars, imagine the confusion with the Honda Accord 42 or whatever it the Ford F-150 38 rather than knowing to refer to year models.

Dagnamit Paypal, Your $80 card reader is utter shite!

Yeah I know you don’t design your readers that it’s a rebadged one made by a 3rd party company and customized to only work with your app but it’s shite!

It takes almost 5 minutes to power up, about 1 minute to process a payment and worse still if you have to replace your phone or do a factory reset to your phone the card reader no longer works with the Paypal Here app.

The phone and card reader connect but your dipshit app doesn’t communicate with the device.

You don’t respond to emails and the dumbest of things is that you cannot phone Paypal at the same time as run the app because it still wants access to the mic which means that it disconnects the phone.

You’ve made my head explode with the dumbness of your app.

At first I thought it was me, but it’s not me, it’s you PayPal, everyone has the same situation and it doesn’t matter if it is an iPhone or an Android device the problem persists.

I even tried it on an iPad and got the same result and the app and the reader had never been connected yet it knew the reader and then said it didn’t want to communicate.

So I follow instructions on your help boards and take the option 2 and that doesn’t do anything so I follow another set of instructions for the same issue as mine and take option 3, no change except now there is an emblem for a USB device on the screen as well but the issue persists.

So looks like I’m going to be Skyping your customer service from an iPad so I can rip your a new one.

Meanwhile looks like customers are paying Cash or check which don’t make them happy.

Will Youtube fix it’s Child Exploitation issue…

…or more precisely how many times will they get called out on abusive exploitation of children before they actually do something instead of treating it as a nothing issue.

Over the last few days Youtube has been rocked by yet another scandal over child exploitation with a father using his children to make money through monetization of videos (advertising). The video’s included many that showed physical abuse of the children. We won’t mention the people involved, everyone knows or can know simply by searching for information and I am not exploiting the situation by targeting these people for harassment, that would be equally wrong. The video’s and channel has since been deleted.

If this was an isolated incidence then that would be one thing but this is not the first time, not the second time it one of many incidences all of which required mass complaints and finally a major media outlet to publicize the abuse before it was taken seriously by Youtube and anything was done.

This year another scandal arose with an almost identical story line where a stepfather abused the children on camera, physically beating and throwing a child around and using mental torture including smashing the child’s games console on camera. This channel again was monetized by Youtube and again in this incidence Youtube put the income from the advertising revenue they received before the safety of the children. Nothing was done in this case and it was legal action by the birth mother of the child being abused and an outcry online from many Youtube creators disgusted about the abuse who catalogued the abuses and provided the evidence that allowed Police and the Courts to intervene. The couple abusing the children removed the video’s which included a coerced defense where they forced the children to say that it okay.

Other channels that were never taken down until outrage both on social media and with other Youtube creators included a guy not only defending pedophiles but promoting their acts. Eventually Youtube removed the channel. There was also channels promoting #HeartProgress which was an attempt to normalize pedophilia which were eventually taken down but not until outrage from social media. Until then people were reporting the channels and nothing was done and in each and every occasion over the past few years this has been the normal situation, Youtube doesn’t care and seems to actively support these abusers.

Just before Thanksgiving Youtube had declared that they were going to proactively remove these abusers from Youtube, trouble is, the abusers remained and those that opening pointed out these people and had a history of being a megaphone alerting the world to these child abusers and pedophiles were taken off Youtube along with others that were purely creators and middle of the road producers such as Conan O’Brien’s channel were deleted. Youtube never gave a reason and they were brought back a short time later. You could almost believe that Youtube wanted to silence those that keep telling the world about the abuses on their site. Since Youtube never actually acknowledged through any official means why it happened or what happened we are left in the dark and allowed to come to our own conclusions. Was it another Turquoise haired crazy that went on a final day of work jihad against these creators which is the reason that Twitter gave for the account for Real Donald Trump being taken down (though the same thing happened to Conservative Celebrity Roseanne Barr which was deleted in a similar manner after we were told by Jack Dorsey that it would never happen again.

Meanwhile today, within 24 hours on Youtube we have another outcry where yet again Youtube is supporting the abuse of children in video’s by yet again failing after many reports to remove a channel that was not just abusive but they were operating it as a catalog for pedophiles to procure access to many children’s with a reel of these children being shown with an identification code. Youtube failed yet again to act and as of the time of writing is still “active”.

All that I and others that spoke about this before I wrote this blog post were able to assume is that Google and in turn Youtube support Child abuse and Pedophiles.

Will Youtube ever become truly proactive or will they have to wait until there is an outcry or backlash that harms Google & Alphabet itself.

eBay may plan to kill off their “Stores” system for smaller vendors

I had a chance today to be present during a call with my eBay vendor friend who was even more irate than ever about the changes made to the eBay Mobile App. He wanted me present while he spoke on speaker phone with an Apple representative.

After going through the usual game of dealing with someone in the Philippines and asking to be transferred to someone above them continually until they were transferred to an actual eBay employee and not a contracted out employee the vendor made it clear that he was disgusted that not only had they changed the mobile app to remove features such as selectable length of return period for products and basic HTML formatting but he had also discovered that the follow up update by eBay to the app removed further “eBay Store Holder Features”, the Store category system has been eradicated which allows the vendor stores site’s own category tree that is created by the vendor as well.

The eBay employee, we shall call Mark, responded that at this time there is no plan to support eBay Stores in the future and that they are going to switch to a more Amazon like experience with eBay controlling third party vendors to give a uniform experience.

I asked about the fact that they seem to cater for those that don’t pay a subscription to eBay for services but are treating those that are paying customers of eBay’s services poorly and the response was that the stores (or shops outside the USA) are irrelevant to the experience and not used by many people browsing for products but could not confirm or deny any actual changes.

I followed up with a question about the Sales Tax Issue, only to be told that the mobile app never had Sales Tax settings, I said, precisely, does that mean that eBay will be collecting Sales Tax on behalf of the vendors and paying it to the various states? He said he could not comment.

We also asked about the return policy period and was told that he could not comment on features.

My vendor friend asked if there was going to be any accommodation for shortcomings in the app because now using the app on a tablet stops you being able to revise a listing using the browser, it jumps to the mobile app to do the revision which then won’t let you revise the listing because the Desktop Browser listing form creates HTML code that is not supported by the Mobile which then wants to strip out all the code the desktop browser put it, it also strips out other settings and reduces the return period to 14 days which is then unacceptable and reduces his product visibility and stop him getting the now pitiful Top Rated Seller Discount which he says used to give him a rebate of $60+ a month but has dwindled in the past few years to less than $10 a month while fees have increased. eBay’s response was silence and then he asked if he could help with anything else at which “an answer would be helpful” resulted in the termination of the phone call.

So from this we have deduced the following;

eBay has decided yet again to eradicate the stores system. It’s like a rotating door for this feature.

When they first launched it they barely supported it and the items never showed in the search, vendors got all their sales from outside of eBay through Google Search and vendors struggled to have their items found, having to manually insert their products into Google Search.

Then eBay decided to bring it into eBay and make the fixed price items visible and sales rocketed on eBay. That though seemed to show too much success and eBay hid the items after a few months again.

Then eBay started showing the items again but sales never recovered and Google was blamed then the Vendors were blamed after Google said “It’s not us”.

In this latest incarnation they have items in general list but they no longer allow an auction of the same item if you have multiple of more than one to be in auction, they removed the “Send to Auction” option making the “Inventory” section for store holders merely a repository of saved listings copies.

Now it looks like eBay may be planning to eradicate the whole back end of the stores system while keeping similar listing limitations to those subscribers using the store system to sell. We presume eBay will either eradicate the subscriptions and start changing on a per listing basis just has they did years ago or offer the option to bulk purchase listings at discount rates depending on the subscription the person pays for.

Either way we can tell that eBay plans something with Stores and be announced in the Spring Seller Update and implemented as soon as 90 days later.

I should have written about them but didn’t…

Yeah, I should have, could have but didn’t write about the Google Pixel Buds or whatever they are called…

When they were announced and all the so called Tech Journalists that had been to the Google event to launch the Pixel Phone and the Pixel Earbuds or Pixelbuds or whatever they call them I spoke to a friend online about them in a conversation and said that the thing that is not being told to the Journalists or the Journalists are choosing not to tell readers is huge.

At the time Google and the Tech Journalists or Reporters all chose to not mention that the Translation feature is only available on the Pixel2 and Pixel2 XL and implied that the Earbuds were autonomously translating, journalist Karissa Bell literally said “It’s like magic, they say it and you hear the translation in your ear”.

I said to Luke, this is how it really is;

1. The earbuds are merely bluetooth earbuds with an extra touch command to activate a feature on a phone.

2. The Translation feature will only work on the new Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL.

3. The Translation is actually just Google Translate App.

4. The feature will be slow, cumbersome and if you ain’t got internet connection it won’t work anyway.

So how did I do?

1. They really are just earbuds, slightly better connectivity when used in conjunction with Android Oreo based phones (I’ve been told, but still as clumsy as it is with just ordinary Bluetooth earbuds).

Yes, I got that spot on.

2. Yes the translation feature is a gimmick to try and make people buy the Google Pixel 2 Smartphone range. It doesn’t work on any other phones.

Yeah, right on that too.

3. The Translation is done by the Translation App that opens when you tap the right earbud four times (predicted in 1 above). Yes the feature is not in the earbuds but actually in the phone and purely just an app, like listening to music or an audio book or making a phone call.

4. Yes, the biggest complaint by reviewers that actually tried to use the Translate feature in real life is clumsy, slow, awkward and doesn’t magically do it.

What does it tell me about the Tech Journalists at the Launch Event?

There is one big take away from comparing real life reviewers and reviews with the “Glowing Articles” by tech Journalists at the event is that either the journalists were paid to write glowing reviews or are not smart people that did a very limited test or the launch sample phones were running doctored apps that operated on the basis that they were receiving a scripted set of foreign languages that it would translate magically in the ear of the journalist.

I would say it could be any of those scenarios. There have been so many paid Articles where multiple Tech Outlets have reviewed an app or a product and claimed to be the journalists original work when it was almost word for word identical and all claiming to be original work without any of the journalists complaining their work had been plagiarized.

Yes, plagiarizing does take place in Tech Journalism, for a long time there was a CNET editor/Journalist that would read the comment section in articles looking for comments that rebuffed the article in question and lift the comment, add a title and subtitles etc then call it his own work. More than once I would see my own and the comments of others suddenly become his articles and if you dared call them out you were immediately banned from commenting.

As for Google using a doctored App to give the impression of a perfect product using a script would not surprise me either, we all want honesty from companies and sadly Google has more than once shown that they can be less than honest when it comes to presentation of a product and claims from small companies that Google Ventures entertained them, reviewed their software or hardware product then said they weren’t interested followed by the creation of an almost identical product months later claiming that the smaller company were copying them.

Of course we could also say that the other choice is that the Journalists are really not that smart and did limited tests and were wowed by it.

Either way we have seen that Google’s Pixel Products have been dogged with issues and bad reviews.