When a pair of Women with a crush turn it into a hate campaign…

The trouble with crushes is sometimes when they don’t get the attention from the person that is the target of their desires they turn it into an out and out hate campaign against not only the person of desire but their family…

Yeah, it really is an issue with some women, the most notable recently Shannon Coulter of #GrabYourWallet fame.

They do say spurned attraction tends to turn into absolute unadulterated hatred towards another person and in this case she has a hatred towards President Donald Trump and his family to the extend that she operates a campaign attacking their business, their business interests and businesses and people that support them while at the same time trying to justify the use of some of these businesses or services while attacking other businesses owned by the very same people.  In fact she has to micmic the equally false “Grab her Pussy” theme with her campaign name “Grab Your Wallet”.

For example she attacks Amazon and Jeff Bezo’s but then claims that Washington Post is an Institution and thus should not be boycotted by her campaign followers because “58% of polled say it shouldn’t” which can be roughly translated to 58% of those that responded to one of her insane twitter polls pointed out that the Washington Post is well known for having a very liberal anti-Trump Bias and boycotting them would eradicate 80% of the news source that her followers actually have.

She also planned a boycott of Delta Airlines merely because a passenger had a pro-Trump rant and then backpeddled because many of her mentally ill followers use Delta Airlines and complained (I remember the whining in her twitter feeds at the time).

Further hypocrisy is her choice to boycott MillerCoors group yet ignores that Anheuser Busch not only does distribution for MillerCoors group but the company actually donated to the Trump Campaign which suggests that she partakes of Budweiser or one of the drinks made by them.

Similarly she chose to sit through every Celebrity Apprentice episode so that she could see which companies advertised so she could add them to the list of companies to boycott, though these companies don’t choose the advertising slots they want by the actual show but because of the number of viewers that the show attracts and the time of the day the advert will air, not because it happens to be Celebrity Apprentice.  What this indicates is that the show was doing particularly well to attract these advertisers.

The love has expanded into a blooming flower of hatred that targets not only the children of Donald Trump but their spouses, for example she targets Jared Kushner, his crime in her eyes, that he happened to work on a successful Presidential campaign. No other reason, simply for that while his Spouse, Ivanka Trump Kushner has been targeted simply for being his daughter even though she has regularly shown a very liberal leaning opinion.  Her crime, being a daughter of President Trump.

Meanwhile she again justifies not boycotting the source, as she alleges, of Fake News Facebook with a long winded explanation while not being honest in that most of her mentally ill followers as well as herself use Facebook.   What she doesn’t admit is much of the fake news propagated was actually anti-conservative fake news rather than anti-Hillary fake news, in fact all the stories that came through the feed were pro-Hillary.

It surprises me that she can’t be honest and admit that has a sexual fetish for the spray tan used by Donald trump and gets so aroused at the mention of him that she has to hide it with a tirade of hatred towards her.

We can all be sure that every time Donald Trump Tweets Shannon Coulter flicks her bean.



Facebook won the Election for Trump

Donald Trump was smart, very smart!

This may get me chastised by many but it is a very smart man that utilizes social media to pull in voters and convert them than waste money on advertising. He utilized Facebook and while Facebook itself didn’t participate, heck it was blamed for fake news and anti-Trump biasing, it made a great platform for fund raising and Facebook, according to the trump campaign was responsible for the bulk of the fund raising.

It is important to remember that regardless of our political leanings we have to admire anyone that can run a campaign and win against the odds.  He really raised funds on the sly using methods that others wouldn’t use and utilized social media to the extreme in the process.

Most of what he was doing could be called, in hindsight taking into account some of the back tracking he has done in the past few days with reversals of his statements, grandstanding.  He knows how to manipulate people and while many people say he is not a politician he knew how to make blunt statements that were totally unexpected but were designed to impart that tiny seed of doubt about Hillary Clinton.

All you need to do is create the smoke and people will find the fire, even if that fire is not actually there and Donald Trump during the campaign was exceptional at doing so.  Let’s face it, he really learned much of this from Hillary’s failed Presidential nominational campaign in 2008 where she utilized or allowed another’s to utilize the creating of smoke and letting others create a fire to go along with that smoke allowing her to stay ‘clean’.  Many still believe her campaign created the seed that grew into the Barack Obama Birther movement but this has been refuted by many because it was started by one of her supporters, allegedly.

I may not agree with everything that Donald Trump said, I may not agree with everything that any politician says, personally I think they are all narcissistic assholes promoting their own personal agendas while claiming to do it for ‘the people’ and some may claim that the campaign was vicious or dirty but really it wasn’t any worse than any other campaign.  I didn’t weep for Hillary’s failure, I didn’t have a happy dance for Donald’s success, I just, as everyone else should, get on with life and let the politicians get on with making a mess of the country like they have Since before April 19th 1775.

All I know is that I am busy trying to batten down the hatches as the tidal wave of economic collapse that is starting to affect China and has been simmering for several years in the rest of the Western World builds.  If you want an indicator of how bad things are, Long Beach docks are reducing employment levels and business has been slow all year for inward and outward traffic.  It’s in the tea leaves and regardless of who would have been elected the economic collapse is on the cards…